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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Shazam

    Full PD Shazam + Basic Jungle Education

    A Shazam guide by us9497
    Last updated: Apr 7th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2182-Shazam-Full-PD-Shazam-Basic-Jungle-Education
    4,415 2


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers
    General Overview
    This is my first guide for Coast City after the official launch of the game. This will be about going full Power Damage in the Jungle. It does not really matter if you go Top or Bottom jungle, as long as you farm efficiently and get successful ganks (kills or assists). Nowadays this is reliant on being able to hit your Q. This guide is for a GLASS CANNON Shazam meaning you will deal tons of damage, however you are very weak and can die quite easily.

    Many people will disagree with me, but I along with others have fun and win going full Power Damage. If you do not like this build, please feel free to hate in the comment section. Also, this guide is for Solo Queue fun and should not under any circumstance be used in games where real money is at stake (ie. GO4 IC).

    This a video from Krashy around 1.5 years ago showing just how powerful Shazam was back in the day

    Ability Overview

    Q - Mystic Power

    Shazam fires a ball of lightning, dealing 60 Power Damage to the first target and 30 Power Damage to all other enemies the lightning chains to. Lightning can chain up to 3 additional enemies.
    Power of Zeus: First target hit is Stunned for 0.5s.

    Secondary Damage:
    Stun Duration:
    +50% Power Damage
    +35% Power Damage

    When Empowered, Shazam's Q is great at CC'ing the enemy carries and allowing your team to focus them down. It is also your only ranged attack, which means you have very little poke capabilities. Lastly, if you are running away or trying to disengage try to use the Empowered Q.

    W - Mystic Defense

    Shazam gains 40 Attack Armor and 40 Power Armor for 3s
    Power of Zeus: Shazam's Armor is multiplied.


    Since you want to focus on leveling up your damaging skills, your W will not be prioritized. However, late game his W allows to survive much longer as it gives significant amounts of both Attack Armor and Power Armor for 3s. Since this build focuses on dealing large amounts of burst damage, your W is less important than your other skills.

    E - Lightning Field

    Shazam surrounds himself with a field of lightning that deals 75 Power Armor over 3s.
    Power of Zeus: Enemies in the field lose 40% Move Speed.

    +6% Bonus Health

    +30% Power Damage

    When Empowered, Shazam's E does AoE (Area of Effect) damage while drastically slowing the enemy. This not allows you to AA (Auto Attack) the enemy (more on that later), but the slow allows for your team to follow up on the target. Is an example of this would be if an enemy is out of position in your jungle, you can slow the enemy which should allow your laner to help you kill them.

    R - Shazam!

    Shazam dashes to the target location and blasts the area around him dealing 200 Power Damage and all enemies hit by the blast will be Silenced for 1s. While dashing, Shazam is invincible.

    Damage:200275350425+100% Power Damage

    This is your main source of damage. There are three ways to use your ult listed below in order of best use:
    1. Ult in a team fight as initiation hitting as many enemies as possible. This will silence the enemies allowing you do continue using your skills while they can only use AA. This also gets you very close to the enemy team. From here you can either use an Empowered Q to stun a high priority target like the ADC (marksmen) or PDC (blaster) and stun them. Or if the enemy tries to disengage, you can use an Empowered E to significantly slow the enemies allowing your carries to catch up and do damage. Whatever skill you choose to Empower, do not forget to use the other and W.

    2. Use your Ult as a type of finisher or gap closer. For example, if an enemy is running away from your team and is outside your E range, you can use your Ult to catch up to them. Then you use your Empowered E to slow them, or Empowered Q to stun them.

    3. As a last resort, you may use your Ult as an escape mechanism, however without your Ult, Shazam is almost useless. So do not Ult away unless you have no choice and you need to use it to survive.

    Passive - Power of Zeus

    After every 2 Skill uses, Shazam will gain the Power of Zeus. In this state, his next primary Skill will be empowered and cost no Energy.

    Mystic Power: First enemy hit will be Stunned for 0.5s.

    Mystic Defense: Shazam's Armor is multiplied by 125%.

    Lightning Field: Enemies within the field lose 40% Move Speed.

    Stun Duration:
    Armor Multiplier:

    Most of the uses were covered in the individual skills. A helpful tip is that you can spam your E, since it has a relatively low cooldown and energy cost, so that you can have an Empowered skill ready for your next gank.

    Positives of Shazam
    Mid to late game Shazam when properly fed can deal massage amounts of damage. He can jump in the back lines and melt their squishy carries, like their marksmen and blasters.

    His Ult as an initiation for team fights are great. At full build, lets assume that you have 500 PD. Your Ult will do 925 damage to everyone that you hit. Lets just focus on the enemies ADC (marksmen). They have the standard 30-40 Power Armor, which blocks approximately 25% of Power Damage. So your Ult erases roughly 700 Health Points from the ADC. Since they are silence for 1s, you can then pop your E and Q. By the end of the 1s silence, you would have done 120 PD and 445 PD. This is roughly another 420 HP away from the ADC. Lets not forget that with Psi-Scimitar (3), your next basic will do roughly 400 Damage, which translate to 300 HP. So in total, you can delete 1,520 HP in around 1s (before the ADC can use an escaping skill. These calculations do not take into the Power Penetration you get from Fatality's Energy Lance (3) and The Book Of Eternity (2).

    Negatives of Shazam
    If you fall behind early (eg. multiple unsuccessful ganks, your laners feeding or inefficient jungling), it will be quite difficult to be effective at all. Most of your single target damage is dependent being able to hit the enemy with your Ult, which should not be too difficult, and your Q, a bit harder but you will be very close range after you ult in.

    Shazam has no escapes, so if you get out of position or get very greedy with your Ult, it is quite easy to be killed. To solve this, be sure to use the Empowered Q to stun the closest pursuer whenever you can.

    Similarly, the only gap closer that Shazam has is his Ult (and I guess Empowered Q will stun them) so early game ganks will be difficult to pull off, but not impossible to do. Luckily, in this version of Coast City, the jungle is very easy to clear and you can stay very close to or even exceed your laners' credits if you just farm. So to counteract this early game weakness, avoid ganks unless your laner(s) desperately need help and wait till level 6.

    Your early game ganks are poor as you will not be able to take a lot of damage and you have very little damage output. So your main use would be the utility of the slow on your Empowered E and the use of Zatanna's Psychic Assault.

    Ganking Tips for Shazam
    Before level 6, you should concentrate on farming and capturing relays (if you are top side jungle). However, if your lane clearly needs help lanig and/or the enemy has the minion wave consistently pushed to your tower, look for a gank to get a kill. If you do not get a kill, do not panic and try diving as you have established some presence as a jungler and relieved your laner(s) for a bit.

    To initiate your ganks, you can either hide in a bush and then when the enemy comes near, use your Empowered E to slow them down and allow your laner to deal damage. If you feel very confident about your own skill, you could initiate with the Empowered Q and stun the enemy; however if you miss your Q you give up the element of surprise and that is the end of your gank.

    After hitting level 6, your positioning is less important as your ult as a pretty large range. Refer above for what you can do after Ulting in. You should try to fight (via a team fight or a gank) whenever your Ult is up as it is quite powerful.

    I have not seen many, if anyone start this way, but I like it.

    You start with the Accelerated modded The Logoz (2) which you get for +10 Power Damage and the passive. The Logoz (2) gives you +40 Power Damage and +10% Cooldown Reduction. Based on the lack of just Power Damage and Cooldown Reduction items, The Logoz (2) is pretty cost efficient. After you get the Destroyer Camp, you can base (as you do not lose that much time) if you are jungling bottom side and buy Marauder Shield (1). If you are top side, unless you really have to base finish the jungle camp near the top turret. When you move to the jungle camp near the top Power Relay buy {Marauder Shield (1)]].

    Marauder Shield (1) is bought just for the passive, which blocks 5 damage from creatures and you deal +10% damage to them.

    Whenever you have enough credits, start building Fatality's Energy Lance (3) as this contains +65 Power Damage and +15 Power Penetration. This massive amount of Power Penetration helps you melt the enemy carries later in the game. This item is also very cheap as it only cost 1750 credits.

    The next item you want is Psi-Scimitar (3) for the +85 Power Damage and the active. This is a key item for dealing damage as it contains the most Power Damage in the game except for The Starheart (3). At full build you will have roughly 500 Power Damage, so the keyword Skilled Attack 2 will do 50 + 50% of Power Damage. Therefore, your next Auto Attack will deal an additional 300 Power Damage to your target.

    You need to get The Starheart (3) afterwards as it gives +100 Power Damage and +30% Power Damage on top of that. This will just beef up all your skills and the Skilled Attack from the Psi-Scimitar (3) will increase as well.

    At this stage of the game, team fighting will become more and more prevalent. Since you do not want to be in a fight without your Ult, start building some Cooldown Reduction (CDR) with Cosmic Staff (3). It gives +70 Power Damage and +10% Cooldown Reduction. At this point you should be at around 25% CDR assuming you have full stacks of The Logoz (2).

    For your fifth main item, you can start going tankier if you feel like you are too squishy or you can continue building more Power Damage. Now I split up potential items that you could get depending on play style. Do not forgot that you can salvage (sell) your Marauder Shield (1) to make space for another item.

    More Power Damage
    The Book Of Eternity (2) contains +60 Power Damage and +35% Power Penetration. This item will help you rip through ADC's and PDC's, especially during late game.

    Tankier Items
    Suit Of Sorrows (4) and/or Mirror Master's Prism (4) based on the enemy team composition. If the enemy is mainly Attack Damage champions, you should buy Suit Of Sorrows (4). Similarly, if the opposing team is mainly Power Damage, then buy Mirror Master's Prism (4). These are strong tank items because they give +150 Health with +50 Attack or +50 Power Armor as well as +15% Attack and +20% Power Reflect respectively.

    Ra's al Ghul's Robe (2) gives + 45 Attack Armor and + 30 Power Armor as well a revival passive skill. This is a solid pick to make sure that if you do get focused down before you can Ult in a team fight, you can come back to life and use all your skills.

    Neron's Contract (3) gives +30 Attack Armor and +60 Power Damage with an active which allows you to become invincible and untargetable for 2s, but you cannot move, Auto Attack or use any abilities. The active is good for escaping large AoE Ults like Joker, Poison Ivy or Green Lantern.

    Booster Gold's Power Suit (3) gives you +250 Health, +40 Attack Armor and + 10% Cooldown Reduction. The Health and Attack Armor increase your survivability in team fights while also decreasing all your cooldowns. The passive, Real Hero, will help you tank some turret shots at the end of the game.

    Pandora's Box (4) gives you + 5 Move Speed, + 60 Power Damage, + 15% Cooldown Reduction and the active Blood Spirit 1. At full build you should swap out your The Logoz (2) for Pandora's Box (4) when you can as it as the same amount of Power Damage as The Logoz (3) with full stacks. The Power Damage also does not go away when you die, like with The Logoz (3) stacks and Pandora's Box (4) gives extra +5% CDR. The active, Blood Spirit 1 is nice for chasing down fleeing opponents especially late game when you are looking for some picks before a huge objective fight (like Doomsday Device or Top Power Relay)

    The Augments that I use contain both Power Damage and Cooldown Reduction. To find them, just search in the augment section, "cooldown reduction, power armor". I like the cooldown reduction because when your skills are on cooldown Shazam is quite useless, especially if he is Glass Cannon. You can also get some Move Speed Augments as Shazam is one of the slowest champions in the game. You could also get some Power Penetration Augments to bypass the Power Armor from the enemy champions.

    Stolen Powers
    Many people have different opinions about what to take into the jungle in terms of Stolen Powers. I will go through my opinions of different Stolen Powers starting with the two that I personally take to the jungle.

    Zatanna's Psychic Assault is a great Stolen Power to take in CC. During the first invading period before minions spawn, Psychic Assault is great for punishing an enemy for poor positioning and allowing your team to kill the out of position enemy. During the lane phase of CC, if the enemy jungler is behind you in credits and level you may choose to counter-jungle them. Psychic Assault is great at slowing the enemy jungler down so that he/she cannot make to a turret.

    Atomic Joker's Detonate would be the only Detonate that you would take into the jungle. Since it has a reduced cooldown, you can use it more often. You take detonate to help increase clear speeds with Shazam, snipe away creature objectives, like The Doomsday Guardian and The Raider and to create new escape routes by destroying the cars throughout CC (you do this while you are running to juke the enemies or to get into a team fight).

    Robin's Surveillance Camera is the best option for taking cams. You only want to take cameras (cams) if you are jungling topside and your laner does not take cams. If you are jungling botside, then your support should take cams. Cams are important as it can alert the laner of any impending ganks by the enemy team if they have some map awareness. It is also key for gaining vision of The Doomsday Guardian. So if the enemy team tries to get The Doomsday Device, you and your team can contest the destruction of The Doomsday Guardian and/or steal The Doomsday Device.

    Nightmare Batman's Consume is the best consume in the game. The purpose for consume is to regain some health while you are jungling. If you want do increase clear time, it would be better to take Atomic Joker's Detonate as it does AoE damage and more damage in general. It is also redundant to take if you buy Marauder Shield (1) as it reduces the damage the jungle creatures deal to you (see Itemization section for more info). If you do want to take consume into the jungle, take Nightmare Batman's Consume as it heals you the most out of any of the consumes.

    Hawkgirl's Super Speed or Flash's Super Speed are not that helpful as Zatanna's Psychic Assault has a higher slow 40% for only a bit less time, 3s, which allows not only yourself but also your teammates to catch up to the targeted enemy. On the other hand, Super Speed only speeds yourself up for 20% (Hawkgirl) or 25% (Flash) for 4s. This means that your teammates relative to the enemy cannot catch up to them.

    Wonder Woman's Super Strength is not as helpful Atomic Joker's Detonate in helping clearing camps or creating escape paths. I personally have not used any Super Strength except in the tutorial, but I see why some people might take it. For throwing the Small Environmental Objects (like meteors), it would knock up the enemy who you are ganking and allowing yourself to get closer and start using your skills.

    Catwoman's Teleport would be the best teleport as it has a reduced cooldown. Teleport is not mainly used because of the limited size of the map and the speed boost at the base. Also, because it is relatively easy to countergank as each lane as a jungler somewhat nearby. Also in Solo Queue, it is difficult to get deep cameras to teleport to if you want to get behind the enemy team.

    How to Jungle Effectively

    The picture above is a map of CC that I have added to with special notations.

    This is the Doomsday Guardian which defends The Doomsday Device (DDD). The Doomsday Device DDD spawns at 10 minutes into the game and at this stage of the game you will multiple teammates in order to safely defeat The Doomsday Guardian. After it is defeated, the DDD spawns near it. In order to pick it up, you must right click on the DDD and wait for 1s. If you receive any damage, the action of you picking up the device will be cancelled and you have to click on it again. While you have the DDD you cannot take any damage for 3 seconds, or else it will not fire. There is also a timer (can be seen at the top in the timeline in red). The first DDD of the game is usually for an outer turret topside as it is situated close to the DDD. Note, the DDD does not completely destroy a turret at full health, but rather it deals roughly 3/4 of the turrets health and it disables the turret from firing a few seconds after detonation. The second DDD that your team takes usually is for one of the outer turrets if you have destroyed the outer turrets. Also, using DDD in a teamfight is usually not worth it unless you know with certainty that you can hit more than 3 enemies with it. A well placed DDD can also be used on the enemy's base, which can end the game if you can properly backdoor them.

    These are Power Relays and two of them unlock at 5 minutes and the last one unlocks at 15 minutes. After a team has captured them, they lock for 4 minutes and give your team special buffs. With one captured, you gain +5 credits for every coin (including last hitting minions/creatures). With two captured, you get +10 credits for every coin and super minions top lane. With 3 captured, you get +10 credits for every coin and super minions top and bottom lane. You should always have an eye on the scrolling timeline at the top of the screen so you know when to capture relays. Normally for the first and second round of relay unlocking, the top jungler will capture the relay on their side. If they cannot for whatever reason, the top laner or the bottom side jungler can capture the relay. When the top relay unlocks, your team should try, as a group of 5, to capture the top relay as it will give you a huge advantage over the enemy team.

    This is The Raider, which spawns at 8 minutes. The most important Raider is the first one. The Raider only gives gold to the people around it when it dies. So it is a great place for you to start snowballing, especially if you can get a couple of kills in a fight before you get the Raider. However you should prioritize the Power Relays more than the Raider.

    These are the Destroyer Camps which spawn with the other jungle creature at 45 seconds. The main reason why teams invade/defend at the beginning of the game is to steal their Destroyer Camp or protect your own Destroyer Camp respectively. These camps give tons of XP and Credits that are shared with teammates around the Destroyer Camp. Whenever this respawns, you should try to get these, unless you have a really great ganking opportunity or you have to capture a Power Relay.

    These are just normal jungle camps that you can do quite easily once you buy the Marauder Shield (1). The respawn timers for these camps allow you to just go in a circle of 3 camps and farm efficiently.

    Thanks for reading this guide, and if you disagree with anything in the guide please feel free to express your opinion in the comments section.
    Latest comments
    The Marauder Shield is just for the passives as you want to block incoming damage from the jungle creatures and  deal an extra 10% damage. I do not know if I made it clear enough, but you only buy Tier 1 and that is it. But you can get marauder ring if that suits you more.
    12:29 pm, Apr 8th, 2015
    Meant to reply to Anth896 question.
    12:30 pm, Apr 8th, 2015
    The passive on Marauder ring restores health and gives you bonus damage to creatures. Allowing you to burn up less health and giving you faster clear.
    12:54 pm, Apr 8th, 2015
    It does not really matter, as long as you get Tier 1 of a marauder item to help your clear time.
    10:09 pm, Apr 8th, 2015
    Why start with Marauder Shield if you are building PD Shazam anyway. Marauder's Ring would be better here.
    12:35 pm, Apr 7th, 2015