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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Mecha Superman

    "Team SicK Earth Shattering Walls Guide by Kuma"

    A Mecha Superman guide by Kuma
    Last updated: Apr 14th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2221-Mecha-Superman--quot-Team-SicK-Earth-Shattering-Walls-G
    5,973 2


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers
    This is my first guide I made, I hope you enjoy and learn something about Mecha Superman


    I am making this guide for new or advanced players. who wants to learn or improve on Mecha Superman. His wall is hard to place and you have to know when to knock up the enemy. You want to place the wall behind the enemy, when you know they aren't going to fight you. Then you have to wait before using your W to knock them up because they can juke it. Also use W on the yellow sunstones at the start or the end of the wall. When they are knocked up attack them once and Q them, this will silence them because you used your W on top of them. You attack them once because the knock up allows you to have time. This will not kill them but do half of the persons health If your marksman follows up.

    Mecha Superman can go top, jungle but preferably support because of his aura, utility, and tankyness that will help your marksman. Mecha Superman has a lot of crowd control and that likes to get in peoples faces. His kit has a silence, knock up, wall, and gives allies an aura; attack armor, power armor, and health regeneration near Mecha Superman.

    -Very tanky.
    -Alot of crowd control.
    -Huge catch potential in the jungle do to how narrow the paths are.
    -Very good in team fights.
    -Can use small objects to knock them up.
    -Can destroy Bleed Portal on a meteor by using Q or W.
    -Highest based attack damage on a tank.
    -Destroy meteors to activate your passive.
    -Wall can engage or disengage.

    -Can be punished by botlane/jungle If wall misses.
    -Can wall in allies.
    -If wall is missed can't knock them up.
    -Needs good wall placement and W placement.


    You can choose between E or W as a starting skill depending If you want to catch the enemy. I get W instead of Q because of the W, E knock up combo.

    Cooldown: 120.0s
    Damage Over Time: 360/ 480/ 600/ 720 + 120% Power Damage + 18% Bonus Health
    Cooldown: 120/ 110/ 100/ 90

    Does alot of AOE damage and every time you attack it leaves a sunstone, so you can combo more with your W and Q. You should always upgrade your ult when it comes up. Levels 6, 10, 14 and 18.

    Armor:5/ 10/ 15/ 20
    Heal Per Sec: 2/ 3/ 5/ 5 + 0.5% Bonus Health

    The first skill I max Is the passive because It gives an aura around Mecha Superman which gives you attack armor, power armor, and health regeration. So It's going to be helping the team and yourself. (Doubles the healing if a nearby ally is in the range.)

    Cooldown: 12.0s/ 45 Will
    Damage: 55/ 95/ 135/ 175 + 40% Power Damage
    Cost: 30/ 55/ 75/ 95
    Cooldown: 12/ 10/ 8/ 6

    The Second Ability I get Is W because the cooldown gets reduced, gives more power damage, and Is your main crowd control skill.

    Cooldown: 8.0s/ 30 Will
    Damage: 60/ 115/ 170/ 225 + 50% Power Damage
    Cost: 40/ 50/ 60/ 70
    Silence: 1/ 1.2/ 1.4/ 1.6

    The third skill I level Is Q because It gives more silence, and Is your main damage.

    Cooldown: 22.0s/ 85 Will
    Duration: 2/ 2.3/ 2.7/ 3
    Cost: 85/ 90/ 95/ 100
    Cooldown: 22/ 20/ 18/ 16

    The last skill I level Is E because I'd rather help my team with my passive, get more knock ups, Silence more, and do more damage. The wall gets cooldown reduction and a longer duration but they usually try to run away from the wall. If they don't, then my teammates can harass the enemy that's walled.

    Mecha Superman Is good against champions with no escape because then It's easier to wall them in. If they do use their escape then you can wall the enemy.
    Good Against:
    Atomic Joker Atomic Green Lantern Atomic Poison Ivy Atrocitus Cyborg Green Lantern Harley Quinn Nightmare Superman Poison Ivy Starro Swamp Thing
    Bad Against:
    Arcane Green Lantern Catwoman Gaslight Batman Green Arrow Joker Krypto Mecha Wonder Woman


    Starter Items: My starting items are Nil Cloak and Modular Health Vial (3) I start off with Nil Cloak because the stats are really good and the price for it is worth it. I also mod it depending on the enemy. If I do mod It, It block 12 champion damage instead of 8. So basically you're just using the Nil Cloak for sustain as well as the Modular Health Vial (3) which gives you 4 stacks.

    Core Items: the first item you want to rush is the Amulet Of Isis (3) because it gives you the stats you need as a support. Also the active is good for engage or disengage. It gives you and your allies +25% movement speed for 2s with a 60s cooldown. I like to mod this item because the mod Mercury's Gift 1, gives +10% more movement speed and +2 more movement speed, so It's going to be +35% movement speed for 4s with a 60s cooldown.

    The second item you want to build depends on the enemy. If the enemy team has more attack damage, build Suit Of Sorrows (4). If the other team has more power damage build Mirror Master's Prism (4). Let's say they have 3 attack damage dealers and 2 powerful power damage dealers like Joker and Arcane Supergirl then you would build both of them and mod both but if they have weak power damage dealers like Nightmare Superman and Atomic Green Lantern then would just build Suit Of Sorrows (4) and not Mirror Master's Prism (4)

    If I didn't build a Mirror Master's Prism (4) or a Suit Of Sorrows (4) then you need an alternative attack armor or power armor. For attack armor buy Metallo's Heart (3) because as a tank you need health and armor but it also gives you 10% cooldown reduction which is really good for Mecha Superman and it gives an aura which reduces -20% attack speed to nearby champions. For Power armor buy Kryptonian War Armor (3) because it works well with Mecha Superman. If the other team has a good single target burst like Sinestro then go for a Entropy Aegis (3) Instead of the Kryptonian War Armor (3) because of the Spell shield it gives.

    The fourth item I would get would be Neron's Contract (4) because when you're in the front you're going to be taking a lot of skills but when you know they're going to put out skills you just Neron's Contract (4) yourself and take no damage or even when you're low health you can bait it.

    The fifth item I get Is Ra's al Ghul's Robe (2) because right now you you are so tanky, have lots of health, when you die they still have to hit you! So you're letting your carries do damage while the enemy is hitting you that's what you want. If they don't hit you, then you come back alive! I really like this item on tanks.

    The last item to buy Is situational. you can buy Eclipso's Diamond (2) because It gives +60% power damage and gives +30% power lifesteal. It also has the passive which gives you +1.5 power damage for +2% of your health. Or If you want more damage you can buy [[Star Heart (3)]].


    The Stolen Powers I use are Robin's Surveillance Camera and Gaslight Catwoman's X-Ray Vision. I use Robin's Surveillance Camera because It gives you 5 stacks and you can only only put down 2 cameras at a time. while the other cameras give 3 stacks ( Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera gives 2). That's what I want, more stacks In Lane. The second stolen powers I use Is Gaslight Catwoman's X-Ray Vision because It can see cameras and has longer vision range. That's what I want longer vision range to see enemy ganks, cameras, and to see where the enemy is in general.

    The other stolen powers you can get are:
    Healing Wave If your marksman doesn't take heal. Preferably Krypto's Healing Wave because it heals over time like a Modular Health Vial (1)
    Meteor Drop Can combo with your knock up and ult. Preferably Atrocitus' Meteor Drop because of the slow.
    Psychic Assault to slow the enemies when they run after you combo. Preferable Zatanna's Psychic Assault because it slows the enemy by 40%.


    The 1 mod I always take as a support Is Mercury's Gift because it gives +10% more movement speed and 2s more duration. The other 2 mods vary because of the enemy team. If the team has more attack damage get Mirror Defence. If more power damage get Deadly Mirror. Then Get both mods if the enemies are equal in damage. If not get the Empowered Nil Cloak with either Deadly Mirror or Mirror Defence.

    The Augments I take always depends on enemy team again. If they are attack damage get FORCEFIELD, OAK, CASTLE, and BEAST. If they are power damage you get both power armor and attack armor. BEAST, CASTLE, WRECK, and WOLF

    I would like to give a big thanks to Mal for helping me make this guide! This Is the end of my Mecha Superman guide. I thank you all for reading and looking at my guide! I hope to see my builds, mods, and augments in the protector grounds and walling peoples faces. If you want to follow my twitter, and twitch. I can stream but I lagg and have bad background feedback, but once in awhile I will and just type to you in chat.
    Latest comments
    Speed Force Is not needed on Mecha Superman. Just need Isis to close the gap. 
    9:52 pm, Apr 16th, 2015
    What about Speed Force?
    11:47 pm, Apr 15th, 2015