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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Star Sapphire

    mikkeltheone Star Sapphire guide

    A Star Sapphire guide by mikkeltheone
    Last updated: Apr 16th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2540-Star-Sapphire-mikkeltheone-Star-Sapphire-guide
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
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    Stolen Powers

    Hi, I'm Mikkel, and I'm playing the Blaster role (solo-lane) for WOLVES Gaming.
    Welcome to my Star Sapphire guide.

    I'll be streaming from time to time over at twitch.tv/bisqayne - be sure to follow :-)

    I've made a list if anyone is wondering how I rank all the blasters right now - will update this regularly.

    Star Sapphire
    Arcane Supergirl
    Green Lantern


    Star Sapphire is a really interesting blaster, with a really good and fun kit. She has her weaknesses, but if played correcly, she can be deadly. She relies a lot on her ultimate which has a flat 120s cooldown, so getting max cooldown reduction (40%) or close to is a must.


    - Really strong teamfight potential with her ultimate
    - Good poke (especially with Cosmic Staff)
    - High AoE burst damage with ultimate
    - Can zone opponents with her crystal


    - Weak mobility
    - Violet Harvest (W) is really weak early game
    - Doesn't do much in teamfights without her ultimate


    Skill priority:

    R > Q > Passive > E > W

    Always skill R before anything else. After that you should focus on maxing Q, because this is her main damage. In level 2, you should always skill E, because if it happens you get ganked in level 2, this can help you escape, while W will do nothing.
    I skill her Passive next, because this gives her more damage with Q and her Ultimate.

    Lastly you can go E > W or W > E depending on what you are playing against. If a lot of high health champions, I like skilling W over E. If against squishy champions with low health, I like E more, because of the burst damage.


    Doomsday's Invulnerability

    I always play with Doomsday's Invulnerability shield on all blasters, to get that extra survivability. You can be more aggressive if you have the shield ready. Can't tell you, how many times I've survived with the help of the shield.

    Another option could be any of the cameras you like.

    Cyborg's Teleport

    For the second Stolen Power, I use Cyborg's Teleport. The teleport is really helpful in Coast City. You can stay top and push, and if there's a fight in the bottom side of the map for lets say The Raider, you can teleport to help your team.


    Enhanced Fatality's Energy Lance - 5% Cooldown Reduction (Tier 3)

    I'm using the 5% Cooldown Reduction mod and not the +15 Power Damage on Fatality's Energy Lance, because I think Star Sapphire needs all the cooldown reduction she can get, to reduce the cooldown on her ultimate especially, since it has a fairly long cooldown (120s).
    With this build she will have ~35% cooldown reduction with all her items and levels.

    Empowered Cosmic Staff - ...If the target is hit when below 50% Health, the effect applied deals 1% of Maximum Health each second. (Max 120 per second vs creatures and drones) (Tier 3))

    This is a really good mod, so you can keep doing good damage with the Cosmic Staff, even if the player is below 50% health. If you plan to buy Cosmic Staff on any blaster, it should definitly be modded with this.

    Enhanced Doctor Destiny's Dreamstone - +15 Power Damage (Tier 3)

    Star Sapphire uses a lot of will, and requires Will regen more than any other blaster. This item is so good on her, because it gives high power damage and gives a lot of cooldown reduction, which you should look for when building items on her.

    Some people build Psi-Scimitar (3) (modded) on her, which is a bad idea in my oppinion. It's a good item on some blasters, I just don't like it on Star Sapphire, because I feel like you rarely have time to autoattack in between the use of your abilities. You should rather stay in the back of the fight and keep using your abilities to poke the opponents. Also all her abilities (almost) combos off her Q, where you usually dont't auto attack in between, so it's a waste getting that item. Go for Cosmic Staff (3) instead.


    I use Blast and Orion because I think those two are the best amplifiers in the game for blasters. Then I use Sun and Nebula to get a little cooldown extra cooldown reduction.
    (Hover over the augments in the top of the guide to see the stats)

    I always choose 2 static stats augments and 2 scaling augments, because that is just what I like. Some stats for the early game, and more stats in the higher levels.


    Fatality's Energy Lance (1) - Best first item in the game for blasters.

    Modular Health Vial (3) - The new health vials tier 3 are amazing and is a must-have on all laning champions in my opinion.

    Fatality's Energy Lance (3) - Never build Tier 4 of this item before very late game.

    Doctor Destiny's Dreamstone (2) - For the will regen in the early game. You will need it.

    Cosmic Staff (3) - Beast item on Star Sapphire.

    The Starheart (3) - Most power damage item in the game.

    Doctor Destiny's Dreamstone (4) - For the modded extra damage on the tier 3 and the extra will regen and cooldown reduction. You can build this one item earlier if you feel you need the cooldown reduction more than the damage from Starheart.

    Neron's Contract (4) - Almost a must-have item on Star Sapphire, cause of her weak mobility. You can always build this earlier if you think you need a defensive item early. Sometimes I even build it before Cosmic Staff, if I feel like the opponent can kill me before I can do anything.

    The Book Of Eternity (2) - This item is so good, and makes you do a lot more damage. I would build this earlier if Star Sapphire didn't need cooldown reduction so much.

    Mobius Core (1) - You can also build Mobius Core if you see the opponents have a lot of lockdowns. This is very situational, and I would say Neron's Contract is almost always better if you use it right. The mod is also really good on this item, and makes you immune for 2 more seconds to crowdcontrol effects after use.

    Some people build Nil Ring first. This is not a bad choice, I just prefer to go Fatality's Energy Lance (1) instead. I know the stats are really good on Nil Ring for the low cost of the item (500 credits). I just rather wanna save the 500 credits and go straight for Fatality's Energy Lance, so I can get tier 3 as soon as possible.
    Some people also build Cosmic Belt (2) early, to get the extra penetration from the keyword: Devastating 1. It's not worth spending 1250 credits on such low stats, which will be even worse with Starhearth than any other item with more power damage.


    Thank you for checking out my guide for Star Sapphire. If you liked it, please remember to press the like button.
    Any feedback and/or comments are always welcome.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in game (WOLVES_mikkel), here in the guide or in my stream when im streaming twitch.tv/bisqayne
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