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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Wonder Woman

    Final Justice - Insane Burst Damage!

    A Wonder Woman guide by FlareHazard
    Last updated: May 24th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2828-Wonder-Woman-Final-Justice-Insane-Burst-Damage-
    30,573 0


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Stolen Powers
    Welcome to my first champion guide for Infinite Crisis, featuring AP I mean PD Diana! With this build, you can easily bring a squishy enemy's health from 100 down to 0 in one full burst. Wonder Woman is normally built as a tank, but if you already have 1 or 2 durable champs on your team, then this is a fun alternative build for her.

    Also, pardon the bland formatting until I learn how to beautify this chunk of text.

    Side note: For some reason, my Abilities, Item Purchases, etc. reset every time I try to edit the guide. Excuse these technical difficulties!

    General Stuff

    Since Wonder Woman is naturally tanky, turret diving with your combo, grabbing a kill, then escaping to safety is not a problem!

    Top lane would be the ideal position, granting you access to the most gold and experience available. If that's not an option, then supporting bottom lane and setting up kills for your marksman is also acceptable. You could get away with farming in the jungle, though her camp clear speed seems a bit slow for me.

    The one stolen power that is MANDATORY would be Green Lantern's Meteor Drop. This is a key component to our FINAL JUSTICE COMBO, which can burst down any squishy champion if you've built enough Power Damage. Not only does this particular Meteor Drop scale with our Power Damage, but it's also incredibly easy to attain (beat Green Lantern's Tutorial Mission, then get him to level 5).

    The other stolen power is entirely up to you. Any form of Surveillance Camera can be extremely beneficial to your team. If you prefer having a defensive/utility power on hand, go with Healing Wave or Super Speed. Sinestro's Psychic Assault can be used for kicks, if you want to lower their power armor and deal as much damage to your target as possible.

    Final Justice

    This is THE combo you will use to make their carries cry!

    Start with Fatality's Energy Lance (4)'s active, followed by a lasso (Q). I like to slot this item to my (1) key for easy access. It is important to always initiate with the item's active to maximize the subsequent damage you deal. As soon as your Q's animation ends, immediately activate Green Lantern's Meteor Drop, as it takes a few seconds to actually land on your opponent. At this moment, you could sneak in an (E) or an auto attack to make use of Psi-Scimitar (3)'s effect. However, I like to ensure that my victim does not escape, so I immediately use my ultimate (R). This will also lock the target in place, giving your Meteor Drop a clear shot on their cranium! If the target survives, finish them off with an (E). If your enemy is a glass cannon, they should've been devastated by your relentless assault. If it was their bruiser or tank, make use of your remaining (E) charges and auto attacks to finish the job.

    In short, here is my preferred combo sequence:
    Fatality's Energy Lance (4), [Q], Green Lantern's Meteor Drop, [E],[R], [AA],[E]...

    Item Purchases
    Assuming the game goes well, my go-to end build is:
    Fatality's Energy Lance (4), Cosmic Staff (3), Psi-Scimitar (3), [ Cosmic Belt (3), The Starheart (3), Eclipso's Diamond (2)

    Fatality's Energy Lance (4) - This item is mandatory for this build, no questions asked.
    Cosmic Staff (3) - A sweet DoT effect plus much needed cooldown reduction to get our next combo rotation up. What's not to love?
    Psi-Scimitar (3) - Let's us deal bonus PD damage after every skill use. Important for sustained damage, and synergies well with her E. Another must buy.
    Cosmic Belt (3) - If you're feeling ambitious, you could build The Book Of Eternity (2) in its place for more power penetration. However, Cosmic Belt (3) also grants health, which not only scales with our E, but also lets us survive a couple more hits.
    The Starheart (3) - If things are running smoothly, definitely purchase this. More Power Damage? Yes please!
    Eclipso's Diamond (2) - Potentially a 4th core item, this thing has power lifesteal that is extremely beneficial in drawn-out fights. They'll be forced to attack you during your ult anyway, so might as well heal up!
    Atlantean Royal Seal (4)- Nice item, has synergy with her W and E. Unlike a tank WW, you probably won't need to utilize the slow effect that often. If you favor giving up damage in return for more health, then go for it. Too bad there isn't a 7th item slot to make use of it.
    Neron's Contract (4) - Good against heavy AD teams. If you find yourself being focused down often, lasso towards a group of enemies, then use your ult. Immediately use this item, as the invulnerability provides a decent distraction while your teammates hammer at them.
    Helm Of Fate (3) - Outclassed by many other items, but useful against heavy PD teams. Using the active before your one-shot combo can also provide bonus damage.

    Skill Order
    Prioritize leveling your skills in this order : R,Q,E.
    It is important to bring your offensive skills to their full potential.
    W and Passive are interchangeable, so level them last in any order you prefer.

    Augments are up to you. I vouch for any augments that provide cooldown reduction + defensive stats. Offensive augments don't make much of a difference for this build, but cooldown reduction is essential. If you buy the scaling ones, 4 of them will net you +10% or more CDR at level 19.

    These are my preferred starting items with their respective roles:

    Top Solo

    Fatality's Energy Lance (1), Modular Health Vial (3) - This makes for great sustain in lane. If you're feeling gutsy and want to rush Fatality's Energy Lance (4) in time for your level 6 combo, then skip the vials and go with Fatality's Energy Lance (2).

    Bot Support

    Grab either Oa Gambit (2) or Olympus Gambit (2) to utilize the Investment effect. Since you'll be sharing experience and gold with another person, it's important to maximize both players' income. Whether you choose to finish the aura item for endgame or not is up to you. With the remaining 250 gold, grab a Modular Health Vial (2).

    The least preferred role, since WW's clear speed is atrociously slow. However, if the lanes have already been filled, then go with Fatality's Energy Lance (1), Marauder Ring (1), and Marauder Shield (1). I prefer the shield over health vials because you can sell both jungle items for only a 25 gold net loss each (buy for 250, salvage for 225).

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