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    Infinite Crisis builds for Joker

    Advi's Coast City Joker Carry

    A Joker guide by RoyaLjoker
    Last updated: Nov 5th, 2013
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/advis-coast-city-joker-carry-
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Hello All! Im Advi. This guide will cover Joker in coast city mainly but can be also used for other types. Its just a general build that i use dependant on the other team. I will cover the items that would be most likly to be built on Joker and explain why each item has a place in this guide. All builds should depend on your current game, no build should be cookie cutter and is not meant to take on every sitiation. Change your build accordingly!

    Joker is Power damage Blaster that has immense damage. He has enough range to stay on the outskirts of fights and take very little damage while being able to deal alot. I prefer to build him very damage oriented while getting defensive items when needed.

    First then i will cover Joker's Skills.

    Passive. Sadist - Joker's passive gives him passive power lifesteal. Which when you hit a skill allows you to regen some health. If a champion (enemy or ally) die near joker his lifesteal is doubled and his cooldowns are reduced. This becomes very strong as teams either chase Joker and allow him to wear them down or during a team fight this allows joker to stay consistant on damage throught the fight if targets are dying.

    Power Lifesteal:  5%     8%     11%     14%
    Cooldown:           2        3.5      5         6.5
    Duration:             5        6         7         8

    Q. Mr.Punchy - This skill is one of my favorites in game, not only is it great for long rage poke but has the built in stun which can be used for alot of situations. It can be used to stop crowd control (CC) such as Nightmare Batman's ultimate, only if you are not the target of said skill. The ratio on this skill is very high making it a great source of damage but also one of your most used tools to kite along with joker's "Suprise!". I prefer to max this first just because of the damage output from it if you can hit it early. If you couple this along with melee attacks while the target is stunned then you have a very strong source of poke early game along with almsot no way for the enemy to retaliate if you back off after the auto.

    Damage :   85     130   175   220  + 75% Power Damage
    Cost:          35     40     45     50

    W. Suprise! - Joker's Suprise skill is another good source of damage, it also has the ability to clear minion waves very fast and the slow added onto it makes it a great source of kiting. Some prefer to max this skill first to get the most of the minion clear in a solo lane.

    Damage:           50     75     100     125 + 40% Power Damage
    Bite Damage:    30     50     70       90   + 25% Power Damage
    Cost:                 60     75     90       105
    Cooldown:        18     16     14        12

    E. Vanish - Joker's main escape. While most believe this to only be Joker's escape tool it is also a very good source of damage when paired with "Mr.Punchy". This skill has the ability to teleport Joker short distances and even over small obsticles. Once you use vanish however, you leave behind a punching bag, that will absorb damage. If you use "Mr.Punchy" and hit the bag before it dissappears it will explode and cause AOE damage to enemy units in the area. This is very impportant to remember to get the full effectiveness out of Joker.

    Cost:            50     55     60     65
    Cooldown:   24     21     18     15

    R. Last Laugh -  Joker's Ultimate ability. joker throws out a baby doll that explodes after 1 second, stunning all enemies in the area. Then leaves a cloud of poisen in the area that deals Power damage over time each second to remaining enemy units. This skill has a high cooldown but has very high damage. In a team fight a well placed ultimate from Jokre can be the difference between a win and a loss. Try to save it until a tank or intiator has grouped some enemies up in a small area before dropping it.

    Damage:            110    145     180     215 + 50% Power Damage
    Cloud Damage:  75     100     125     150 + 40% Power Damage
    Cost:                   100   130     160     190 

    However, the build that i use above for his skills is completly situation dependant. What i mean by this is If you should go to a solo lane with Joker and your opponent in that lane is melee, i would start with my Q level 1. However if the Enemy Champion is ranged and i can see will push the lane heavily, i will start with my W and potentially max it first if i need to keep minions off of my turret. You want to bring what will help you the most in the situations that your put in. Build for the game not because of the champion you are playing.

    2. Stolen Powers
    In this section i will cover what stolen powers work well with Joker's kit. I will be explaining what it is i use primarily and what else you can use depending on your play style.

    [[Flash's Super Speed]]
    Flash's Super Speed - While Joker already has an escape i like to run Flash's super speed on him most of the time as well because it allows me to save vanish for a more dire time.

    [[Gaslight Batman's Surveillance Camera]]
    Gaslight Batman's Surveillance Camera - I like this ability on alot of champions if noone else on the team is running it. This will allow you to slipt push well and remain safe in your lane from any unwanted stealth ganks. I also like to put these near turrets when low on health if possible to keep anyone from nearing you while backing.

    [[Batman's Trap]]
    Batman's Trap - This ability i bring every so often. It is good in a solo lane to keep down in either stleath pads to catch junglers that are trying to gank. They are also good to put between enemies and the minion waves, this will allow you to zone them for fear of walking into a trap. If they should happen to walk onto it poking with a Q and auto will make them regret having been near it. Batman's traps also with Joker's kit give you extra kiting ability if used properly. If you Q someone at max range and drop a trap under yourself while being chased if they walk onto the trap it will have had time to set rooting them for the duration. Which means you can use these to either run away or to kite enemies chasing you to their certain doom.

    Teleport - Now i didnt put a specific champions teleport here because i believe that is the preference of the player. Either one works well on joker will allow you to get around the map quite fast if say maybe a DDD is coming up soon or you need to split push a lane quickly. This is your skill for that!

    Invulnerability - This one as you can see i left off a specific sheild as well. i like to use the Shazam sheild myself but the Doomsday sheild is also very comparable. It is Just like the teleport above, preference. Shazam's sheild will sheild a bit less but heal you during the sheild for a small amount while the Doomsday's sheild will sheild for a bit greater ammount.

    3. Items
    The section im sure most skipped to. This is what most people will consider the most important part of the guide but i believe having a strong knowledge of the champion itself is equally important.

    I prefer to start Joker with a Nil Ring and either x3 Health Pack, x2 Will Pack. Or Nil Ring and a Tektite Vial.
    This will give you some decent starting health, power, and sustainability in lane.

    On first back i usually start my [[Abin Sur's Lantern (1)]] or [[Abin Sur's Lantern (2)]]. Once you Obtain the (2) of Abin Sur's you can hold it here for the time being. let it stack up a while before you move it on to its next stages. Finishing it too early will result in a lack of damage due to it not having a high base amount on it.  This brings us to our first explanation of Abin Sur's Lantern.

    [[Abin Sur's Lantern (4)]] - I really like this item on alot of my mana using power damage champions. It scales fairly well gives good sustain in lane as far as mana goes to those who use it as a resource. This will allow you to spam skills in lane and dominate the lane as you see fit early, while others are having to leave due to your constant harass you can stay in lane and farm with your W or poke enemies to death with your Q. Notice!: This items takes time to build up, buy it as early as possible to start stacking the will on it. Once it has built up a decent amount of will then purchase the next 2 stages for the damage aspect of the item. 

    Next i would usually start on my Psi-Scimitar (1).

    Psi-Scimitar (3) - This is my bread and butter item on Joker. I love this item to death on him. It works very well with power damage champions as long as you keep its active as power damage. This item will allow as i talked about previously in the guide you to Q then auto someone before they become unstunned and deal masssive ammounts of damage. After every skill use (2 second cooldown) you can auto attack someone and deal a large portion of your power damage added to your auto attack damage. With this item you should be sitting at over 100 Attack Damage (AD) On Joker which will allow you to farm a bit better with your autos if your lane is still going.

    [[Eclipso's Diamond (2)]] - I also like this item very well on joker. It stacks with his passive which end game will grant alot of power lifesteal and allow you to sustain very well in team fights. It gives a High ammount of Power damage (PD). Build this if you need sustain or if your not having any issues against the opposition you can build it just to increase your damage by quite a bit while giving yourself another means to stay alive.

    The Starheart (4) - Im not sure this item needs an explanation. Heres one anyways! The Starheart gives a tremedous amount of Power Damage and its effect once you reach the (4)th part of it increases your total Power damage by 30%. This becomes a Massive increase! I reccommend gettign this is most games because of the ammount of damage it deals but i prefer to wait until after i have enough power to make the 30% benefit even higher so i usually build this 3rd or 4th.

    [[Two Face's Coin (2)]] - This is a very situational item in my opinion. I see alot of people buying this right now in game. It gives alot of Power Damage after it is build but sometimes you may not find it worth building. It is a fairly cheap item that builds up its damage as the match progresses or as you get kills/assists. If you are doing well in lane early i would buy this if you have money laying around maybe after Abin Sur's Lantern, but dont purchase it too late in the game or it may not ever get fully ramped up which in that case doesnt make it worth the cost.

    Cosmic Staff (4) - This item I build quite a bit. its fairly cheap and has good stats on it. It gives power penetration for those who are building Power Armor (PA) against your team. It also hasa health shred effect on it. This means that if you hit an enemy with an ability that enemy will suffer % health damage on top of the damage you delt from your ability. This is especially powerful for tanks, this allows you to do damage to those building high ammounts of health and power damage.

    The Book Of Eternity (2) - This Item is very straight forward. It gives high amounts of Power Damage as well as a large amount of Power Penetration. This is what you will want to build if the enemy team starts really stacking on Power Armor items.

    [[Neron's Contract (4)]] - Neron's Contract is in my opinion very situational, Its effect is the main reason you would want to grab this if you ever should have to. It puts you in statis that allows you to be untargetable for a few seconds. What this means is if you get into a bad situation you can pop the effect on this item and stay alive for a few more seconds. If you are havign a problem with getting engaged on this might be what your looking for. Its good to use once engaged on if your the target to pull out a few enemy skills and negate some damage.

    Atlantean Royal Seal (4) - This seal is quite good on Joker. It gives you decent health to allow for survival and gives a decent ammount of Power damage. the effect on the seal is what makes it good for any power damage champion however. When you hit an enemy with an ability that Unit is slowed by 20% for 1.5 seconds. Which may not seem like much but it will allow you to kite forever on Joker.

    [[Fatality's Energy Lance (4)]] - This is another item that i dont use much i believe it to be pretty situational. While it gives alot of damage with the active. I just dont find it to be as useful as something like the Royal seal Or The Book Of Eternity. It also gives Cooldown reduction which is nice to have to keep Jokers abilities up for kiting even greater. The effect this item gives is when you use it on an enemy champion, for the next few seconds this champion will take increased power damage as well as dealing 15% of their current health (60 second cooldown). This can be very strong if used properly i just dont normally like to relay on this item too heavily.

    [[Ra's Al Ghul's Robe (2)]] - I chose this item because it is just a standard defensive item for carries. This will give you a mix of both Power and Attack Armor which will let you live a bit longer. The effect on this is what makes it worth the cost though. Havingthe ability to come back to life every 5 minutes is very strong. I tend to only buy defensive items if i see an enemy getting quite strong, otherwise i try to stick to as much damage as possible.

    Entropy Aegis (4) - If the enemy team is littered with 3+ power damage enemies or a single enemy power damage champion is hitting particularly hard this is a good choice to negate alot of the damage. And the effect on the item once upgraded protects you from the first hit of a skill used on you.

    [[Metallo's Heart (3)]] - This is a good choice if the enemy team has any attack damage champion hitting a bit hard. The effect on this will diminish any enemies attack speed while in a certain area around you.

    That is all for this guide please feel free to PM me with any Questions or details pertaining to this guide! I will be making more guides in the future and will be taking requests on guides. I shall see you all on the battlefield!

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