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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Arcane Green Lantern

    Attacking a DoubleLife Mirror (The Reflection ArcGL Guide)

    An Arcane Green Lantern guide by JRAACHS
    Last updated: May 30th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/attacking-a-doublelife-mirror-the-reflection-arcgl-guide
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    Stolen Powers
    Welcome All to a Unique Guide, and one that your enemies will fear. First off a couple pointers:

    1)This is Strictly Controller Lane Arcane Green Lantern, but may also work with other Will Based Controller Lane Champions.

    2) To strike an early advantage and win your lane, communicating to your ADC about sharing some farm is necessary during the beginning to intermediate stages. Arcane GL scales better earlier in lane the more coins he can collect, so take advantage of under turret opportunities to grab those little coins.

    3)Arcane GL favors heavily from having a specific amplifier set, meaning throwing down some of that hard earned dough if you want this build to work even better.

    Second Thing is the Amplifier Set.


    Empowered Mirror Masters Prism (40% Power Damage Reflection [Tier 4])
    Empowered Suit of Sorrows  (40% Attack Damage Reflection [Tier 4])
    Accelerated Phantom Stranger's Necklace (2 stacks from coins, lose 25% of stacks on death [Tier 2])

    *An optional 3rd mod instead of Phantom Necklace would be Empowered Ra's al Ghul's Robes. I prefer this be your choice, as I recommend you try Necklace mod for the first few matches until your proficient in tackling the build. If you find yourself at that stage, team fights will be rewarded handsomely, because your a straightup DoubleLife Mirror. (Atleast that makes sense now)

    *Remember that the Phantom Stranger's Necklace mod is for Tier 2, NOT Tier 3, so it's crucial to leave this item at Tier 2 Level until you feel your tanky enough. The advantage to Tier 2 is if you die unintentionally, from some mistake or issue, there is minimal punishment to your progression until your high enough level to need Tier 3.


    Codename: Mountain (AA/lvl & PA/lvl)
    Codename: Phalanx (AA/lvl & PA/lvl)
    Codename: Beast (Health/lvl & AA/lvl)
    Codename: Wreck (Health/lvl & PA/lvl)

    *Notice the Augment Set is strictly scalable based on level. This matched with good communication on coin collection early game helps make midgame that much easier.

    And now for a BIG note before the meat of this Guide: Remember that ArcGL can easily burn through Will, the advantage early game is while he doesn't have Will Regen, keeping the enemy Controller and ADC off the farm and periodically swooping back for ungrabbed coins will help keep Will manageable until you build up Grodd's Helmet.
    *The Optional Steel Breastplates & Logoz Items are replacements for Grodd's Helmet, so take your pick, you can always switch when you have the dough later in the game. If you favor doing some damage late game, the Logoz is a good switch/choice if you don't mind sacrificing some armor for it.

    THE MEAT...

    Early Game

    The Goal: Coins

    First order of business is Tankiness. The first upgrade to your arsenal is Crime Bible (Tier 2). Get those stacks rolling. The long term goal is to ensure tankiness and sustane in lane. The reward for patience is a nice boost in Health Regen, which comes in handy during team fights later on. Then once You gain enough moola to bring Phantom Stranger's Necklace to Tier 2, that's when communiction with your ADC becomes crucial. Remember that a Controller scales better the more time he spends in lane, and an added worry is ensuring you  get enough coins. A good thing to do is to coordinate ganks with your Jungler. A successful assist shortens time on your Crime Bible stacks, and allows you to grab some more coins while your ADC is hopefully back at base healing and building.

    *The idea is to build up Crime Bible, Gorilla Grod's Helmet, and Phantom Stranger's Necklace before starting on Mirror Masters Prism and Suit of Sorrows.

    Mid Game:

    It tends to be that while you may be having a good day bot, your Midlane or Toplane champ can't catch a break, and it's up to you or your ADC to lend a hand along with your Jungler. DON'T help them. Let your ADC do that, because remember these important facts:

    1)Your ADC needs kills and assists, NOT YOU

    2)You have a secret weapon, the power to gungpow guns blazing the first sign of trouble (Your Ultimate that is)

    3) The more coins you collect, the better off you are.

    But remember not to overextend when pushing lane, because if you've gotten the necklace to Tier 3, one wrong move sets you back before you've built more Armor. The goal now Mid Game is to improve upon your team fight initiation and sustainability. If you florished early game, chances are you'll stay that way, just keep grabbing them coins. Build your Prism and Suit up evenly if you can. If you notice one damage type hurts more, favor the item that stops that from happening. Once you've maxed out both, your almost ready, and by that time you'll have moved over to midlane for team fights.

    Late Game:

    The final item of redemption: Ra's al Ghul's Robes

    Many find this item better suited for someone who isn't a Controller. Some prefer a Mid lane champ or even jungler have this item. But the whole point of a Controller is to stay in lane, and what better way to do so than to have a second chance. Having not only better AA and PA along with Second Life just makes this whole guide boil down into one word: Mirror. Not only are you reflecting tons of damage, but you're never leaving, never dieing, never retreating, always in their face, just like a reflection in the mirror. That's what this builds about, and at this Late Game point, there's almost nothing they can do short of 1v5ing you, you never run out of Mana, and your regen tremendously on Health.

    So there you have it, this isn't a Beginners Guide, nor a guide for the inexperrienced controller, but the point of this guide is a learning experience from my point of view as a controller. That's why anyone can try their hand at it. I hope you like the build, and don't critique too hard, give it a spin before you blab about what you don't like, it might just change your mind. I'm all about odd builds, and this is one of them. Who knows, maybe someone else has the same idea.

    Thanks, and Happy DoubleLife.

    P.S. I will update with pictures if anyone would like the convenience.
    Latest comments
    Haha, I like the name of the guide! Very well written. :)
    8:13 pm, May 31st, 2014
    Thank you much sir, appreciate it, hope you've had a chance to dabble with the build ingame!
    11:32 pm, May 31st, 2014
    Also, sorry for the issue with Core Items, there is some problem with updating the guide, doubles certain items. Just ignore doubles and follow guide for build order.
    10:52 pm, May 30th, 2014
    I just updated the guide and removed the backslashes. Editor did some funky junk. Enjoy.
    10:36 pm, May 30th, 2014