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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Shazam

    Butt3rblume's Solo Top (in depth) Shazam Guide (Coast City)

    A Shazam guide by Butt3rblume
    Last updated: Dec 10th, 2013
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/butt3rblumes-solo-top-in-depth-shazam-guide-coast-city
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    Stolen Powers
    Hey Guys, its me, Butt3rblume.
    This is my first Guide ever, and english is not my native language...so please be patient with me on spelling and/or funny sounding constructs of sentences

    This Guide will give you the Theory of Soloing with Shazam on Coast City. It will have a brief summary of what to buy, but a bigger view on HOW to lane against 1-3 enemys on your own.

    First things first. Champion Select.

    Normally its 2 Top, 1 Jungler and 2 Bottom Lane. So you have to clarify, that you are going top alone, so u might wanna have 2 junglers (perfect for overtaking multiple relais at once) or a 3-man bot (perfect for ruining the enemy carrys farm) with you in your team.

    For Amplifiers i take Enforcer: Endgame Initiator because, hey, thats what you are, the perfect Engager.

    Stolen Powers couldnt be more obvious, too.
    [[Shazam's Invulnerability]] together with a Health Pack and/or your [[Mystic Defense]] will give you a very high sustain for any Dmg you encounter

    [[Cyborg's Teleport]] is a must-have-skill for every Solo Top Hero in my opinion. Reasons should be obviously (if not, you dont want to let your tower alone for "so long" after buying new stuff)

    What Items do I have to buy?

    Normally you need a very tanky itemkit for a engager, i mean, you are the one taking the first hurtful hits when you go in, right? Wrong! Shazam gives you one of the greatest passives when it comes to tankyness...the more AP you got, the more HP you have. And you really feel it...so no no Tanky....just pure tons of AP

    Game has started:
    buy [[Neron's Contract (1)]] and 5 x Health Pack

    Reason: ranged Autoattacks will be the main Dmg Source in the early levels 1-4 you will receive.

    First back, (next backs):
    Under 1000 gold - buy stacks of Cosmic Staff (1) or [[Fatality's Energy Lance (1)]] or [[Neron's Contract (1)]]
    Over 1000 gold -  buy stacks of Psi-Scimitar (1)

    Reason: This, + [[Mystic Power]] is your main Dmg- Source, buy Psi-Scimitar (2) as fast as u can. Every other item should at least contain a bit of Ap + help u situationally ( for example Blue Scarab (3) if you have problems with finishing of Enemys/ having to less Energy to give the bit of extra dmg they need to die or Suit Of Sorrows (2) if you have high Attack dmg enemies)

    Endgame Items:
    If you feel like everything you need is bought...get a The Starheart (4)...or a [[Ra's al ghul's Robe (2)]]

    Reason: nothing can be wrong by buying a starheart, .....ever  ......and [[Ra's al ghul's Robe (2)]] gives you everything you need for taking over the tank role with only one item

    Laning Behaviour

    3 vs You - Lane:

    HAHA... easy game. As you reach lvl 6 they just will have around lvl 3 or something like that. The advantage of Time is in your favour. Just play safe -> Stay under your tower (they will push very hard so its easy to farm even at your own tower)

    Situation A:
    The enemy gets nervous and wants to show you how badass they are with 3 vs 1...They almost everytime forget that you are NOT alone. You have your Buddy the friendly, face- smashing Turret at your back. Everytime they cross the line of your Tower-Range, knock them down wih [[Speed of Mercury]] (+ [[Mystic Power]]). if they attacked you before it, or after it, they will get at least 1-2 Towerhits, which reeeaaally hurt at the first levels.

    If they start swapping the towertank-role between them...just try to outplay them buy giving you [[Mystic Defense]], [[Shazam's Invulnerability]] and Health Packs. The longer they stay under your Turret, the more will fall.

    Even if you Die, you get away better with it, because you can come back to your lane instantly by using [[Cyborg's Teleport]] and should have gained more money and experience by farming 1vs3 then your 3 opponents by killing you (and eventually dieing whilst doing it)

    Situation B:
    They know that they have a disadvantage against you gaining experience and gold. They wont push and they will stay back behind their minions and try to cut you out from Exp Range. This is kinda difficult to do against you, because you have roughly every 10 seconds a free shield for absorbing the dmg + a skill to knock them down/cancel engages on you. Just try to dont fall back, stay in range of dieing minions and try to last hit with [[Mystic Power]].

    Even if they pull this tactic really well, the advantage stays on your side. you gain experience 3 times as fast as they do..so why cry after some missed coins?
    PLUS: You have your jungling friends who love to kick some underleveled toplane as*es, as well

    2 vs You - Lane:

    The more common case. This is kinda the same as with 3, but Situation A wont be as hard for you as with 3, and Situation B will be slightly harder for you

    Situation A: Same tactic as told at "3 vs you-Lane"

    Situation B: Try to focus the more squishy target (for Example in a / combo) and make your statement:
    Show with your Q+W+Autohit combo how much Dmg you can smash at their face, and then get the hell outta there, Minion Hits HURT at the early level. Just go back behind your own minion wave and show them how tanky you are by deniying them hurting you seriuosly with your [[Mystic Defense]].

    Its all about making the statement:

    If you play defensive all the time, they will know, if u approach them, that your jungling comrade is at your side....

    if you play aggressively all the time, even if you are alone, they cant tell the difference if there is a bunch of bloodthirsty Protectors in that bush, or if its just you with your Q+W+Autohit harass Combo

    1 vs You - Lane or - How to Lane against specific kinds of Heroes:

    Fairly 1 out of 10 games i get another solo top opponent and i really have to say..Shazam has everything a good Solo laner has to have..but noone else really has. Other Heroes have problems with Will management and/or lack of Nuke-Dmg/Lane Sustain. Shazam has both. So you will have a good advantage in a 1vs1 setup

    Tanky Type opponent:
    Q - W -Autohit - Fly away.....Q - W -Autohit - Fly away.....Q - W -Autohit - Fly away... and so on

    Blaster Type opponent:
    Try to move along the lane like you want to provocate them, make them burn their Will...thats your big advantage...you can spam your skills whenever you want...they have to have enough Will. no Will = no Harass

    (It is important that you have a quick reaction time, so that you can avoid getting hit by Skillshots such as Jokers Mr. Punchy or get your [[Mystic Defense]] fast enough to nullify Green Lanterns "Target- Skills"

    Melee Type opponent:
    Q - W -Autohit - Fly away.....Q - W -Autohit - Fly away.....Q - W -Autohit - Fly away... and so on

    Range Autoattack Type opponent:
    This is the lane i kinda hate the most. AD Carries have a lot of Power behind their ranged attacks. And this is the most effective against Shazam. You can catch up a lot of Dmg with your [[Mystic Defense]] but unlike the Blaster type heroes, they cant run dry on Will/Dmg.
    In my personal experience, there is a hard early game till you are back the first time... just buy some more stacks of [[Neron's Contract (4)]] and/or Suit Of Sorrows (2) to get rid of that nasty harass dmg your enemy is dealing and then get Psi-Scimitar (2) as fast as possible.

    If you have Psi-Scimitar (2) There wont be no doubt who has the bigger burst in your lane. Whenever you think your enemy needs to put back to his place where he belongs, give him a warm "Q - W -Autohit - Fly away" i guarantee you a halfdead, filled-with-panic, ad carry, who just can think about how he can flee from you the fastest way possible....and if not.... you have SHAZAM your ultimative skill

    End Credits

    Alrighty then, thanks for reading, i hope i could show you how easy it is to be a Solo Laner with such an amazing Kit of Skills like Shazam has.

    Pls Go visit my other Solo Top in depth Guide of Gaslight Joker (http://www.dawnbase.com/guides/butt3rblumes-solo-top-in-depth-gaslight-joker-guide-coast-city)

    For further Informations and/or just to chat with me about Solo Laneing contact me ingame

    (EU Server, Ingame Nickname: Butt3rblume)

    or leave me a message here.

    To close this, ive found a perfect summary of Shazam: (and some of you might hear some wellknown-shoutouts ^^)

    0:30 Holy moly, I'm big! - Stamina Of Atlas
    0:40 I'm strong! - Strength of Hercules
    0:55 I'm fast! - Speed of Mercury
    1:09 And I can fly! - Again. Speed Of Mercury.
    Latest comments
    Anything I forgot? or i made some Mistakes? Pls Tell me What you think about my Guide, i really would appreciate that
    7:15 pm, Dec 2nd, 2013