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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Wonder Woman

    Gotham Divided Wonder Woman Support Guide

    A Wonder Woman guide by fantumn
    Last updated: Mar 19th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/gotham-divided-wonder-woman-support-guide
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    Stolen Powers
    Hey, this is my first guide, I play on NA, main Wonder Woman support, I\'m not exactly sure how to
    accurately display my Wonder Woman statistics, but as of 3/18/14 I have 70% on the dot win rate on Gotham Divided, with all but 5 games played as Wonder Woman, usually at support. I am protector lvl 21, I have 3/3/11 average KDA, and if you want more proof I know how to play the tights off WW support you can check my stream. I stream at http://www.twitch.tv/fantumn and you can find that through the useful link on this site. I\'ve recorded about 40 hours of gameplay, you can see it in my past broadcasts, and and obviously there were many more games played than recorded. So, check it.

    I\'ll Tell You Why

    Wonder Woman is without a doubt one of, if not the best, champion to have on your team. She has one of the greatest kits in the game, mostly. That and her /joke is hilarious. But seriously, do you
    play League of Legends?

    If you do, imagine if Thresh had his hook, but Volibear\'s Passive, Lee Sin\'s
    Safeguard, Hecarim\'s Q, and Rammus\'s Ult combined with his taunt. Yeah. Oh, and just to clarify, check below to make sure you understand how unfair her versatility is.

    If you don\'t play LoL, good job, don\'t ever start. What do I mean she has one of the greatest kits? That means all of her skills are extremely useful in many different situations. In simpler terms, you\'ll be seeing \"WW OP\" or something of the sort very often in allchat.
    Read below to better understand what I mean.

    Wonder Woman\'s Abilites

    [[Lasso Grab]]

    This is your starting skill, I can\'t think of any reason you would ever take anything different. This skill is slightly tricky to master, but use it a few times and you won\'t have a problem. Be careful because there is no way to cancel a hook, if it lands you are going to be going there. So be aware of what is behind your target, if you miss your intended target what will happen? This is crucial when your lane opponents have dashes, roots, knockbacks, or knockups, because they can take advantage of a hook too deep and make you pay.
    That warning aside, this skill does one thing, it stuns what you hit and brings you to them. Now this one thing can be used in many different ways. At level one this combined with
    [[Zatanna\'s Psychic Assault]] can easily lock up unwary enemies facechecking bushes and secure First Blood for your team.
    It can be used through terrain, so don\'t be afraid to use it on jungle monsters to get around (away) with great speed.
    Note: While in flight you are susceptible to CC effects like Batman\'s traps, Ivy\'s knockup, Supe\'s Lasers, etc, etc.
    This is also something I suspect from experience, but haven\'t seen confirmed or denied anywhere yet, if after casting your Q, you immediately begin spamming your W on an allied character, your W will act as though it was cast from your starting place, thus allowing you to return much farther. Again, I just think it\'s happened to me, but it\'s hard to check ranges on the fly with smartcast.

    This is a shield, pure and simple, it negates damage done to a maximum amount for up to 4 seconds. On you, or any ally. Oh and when you use it on an ally you dash to them and shield them instead. Oh and that ally can be a ward. Over a wall. You can ward-jump with Wonder Woman. Plus, if the shield is destroyed by damage, ALL of your abilities\' cooldowns are reduced by 2, including the shield. I\'ll let your imaginations come up with all the crazy things you can do with one skill that brings you to an enemy, and one skill that brings you to an ally. While not the biggest shield by far, the shield increases with your bonus health, which if you build correctly can be substantial. This shield should be used whenever it can reduce the cooldowns of any other skills, and learning to use it on the fly during a teamfight on the correct targets will win you fights your team has no business winning.

    [[Amazonian Prowess]]
    Not a whole lot to say about this spell, other than you don\'t do damage when it\'s not active. So when it\'s down, your basic attacks are completely useless and you should find something more beneficial to do. Combine this skill with Blue Scarab (3) to not only get a surprising burst of damage with a few autos, but also to soften up bigger targets for your PD carry. Things to watch out for: High Will Cost means use it intelligently, its AOE counts as a Basic Attack so you will aggro towers and drones if an enemy champ is in range, and when you activate it the next basic attack will apply the effect. This means if an attack has already begun, the effect will not be active until the start of the next one. So use this during your Q travel, if you want your first basic upon landing to be aoe.

    [[Blocking Bracers]]
    This skill is your enemies\' worst nightmare. It pulls everyone in range into a tight group, deals a very respectable amount of damage, and it TAUNTS. You can use this to interrupt countless abilities, it can pull Nightmare Batman while he\'s stealthed, or during his ultimate, it overrides almost every single other champion\'s ability and makes them attack you. This means any turret you are guarding is virtually off-limits to champion attacks. If an enemy champion is inside the range of a turret and your ult keeps them within that range, that champion WILL get turret aggro and WILL take at the bare minimum one turret shot. You can 1v2, or 1v3 under turret, and if you can follow up with your Q to make them stick around longer then the sky\'s the limit. Be careful when using against Basic Attack heavy champions, even though your resistances go through the roof you are still taking attacks, and you can take 1-2 from each champion you catch.

    [[Child of Olympus]]
    This passive makes you deceptively tanky, letting your enemies think they can burst you down, but when you stop losing HP and start gaining it back they realize your teammates have full HP, you\'re still in their face, and they try to run. When they try to switch focus they\'ve already lost, because your HP will recover even faster and you can use your abilities to chase and hold them down for your team to clean up. This ability must MUST be combined with Kryptonian War Armor (4) and you will turn into a HP regen monster with enough movespeed to chase down or escape Flash. I\'m not kidding.


    My build is not orthodox, nor is it the best possible one, but it works really well for me.  First off, get the              [[Altered Olympus Gambit]]  mod and get yourself Olympus Gambit (2) right off the bat.  This will give you enough gold to keep pace with everybody else, while never farming a drone for yourself.  DON'T UPGRADE IT UNTIL IT'S THE LAST THING YOU NEED.  The final upgrade of this item makes you UNkillable for 3 seconds, yes even lategame, and those 3 seconds are very long.  HOWEVER, you will no longer have the credits/10 passive, and that's just too good to pass up.  Taking this item first means you need to watch your health+will because your base regen is about as crappy as every other champion early.  With this item you will start gaining credits as soon as the base opens, while you're dead, and while stuck under turret trying to dodge Zatanna's sword-thingy.  I buy this in 100% of my support games, and most games end before I upgrade it.  Again, I wager there are much safer/stronger starting choices, but I do this.  
    Next you rush Kryptonian War Armor (4) this will give you all the HP regen you need, as well as turn your passive into a Healing Wave on steroids.  Coupled with the Power Armor and the move speed increases, this is core by every definition of the word, you NEEED this.  I guess maybe the only reason you wouldn't take it is if there is not a scrap of power damage on their team and no...no...you still build this.  Just maybe build it second.  
    After that, you build Fragment Of Mogo (3) because this is the best item in the game.  You turn this on right before you activate your ultimate, and every champion you catch is taking over 500 damage before resistances.  It lasts for 15 seconds, too, making it excellent at mopping up enemies trying to escape just by keeping close to them.  Plus it rounds out your armor statistics nicely, and gives you heaps of HP.   Oh, if you are dominating lane and have managed to get close to 1500 credits before you need to shop, go ahead and get this first, because it'll make you win more.
    After those items, you start to have some options. 
    Blue Scarab (3)  
    When to buy: Almost always, without it you will do NO damage on your own.
    When not to buy: If you're far behind, or if an enemy is fed enough to where they can burst even you 
    Entropy Aegis (4) 
    When to buy: If your team has no other tank, there are 2 or more power damage enemy champions, they have a poke threat like Aquaman, Star Sapphire, Ivy, Green Arrow, or if you find yourself in drawn-out engages where you are running out of Will.
    When not to buy: If their team is mostly Attack damage, your team is ahead early and damage would be more use, or if your team is on the defensive and needs a situational item more (see below)
    Helm Of Fate (3)
    When to Buy: Almost always, it fits perfectly into her kit, with the movespeed, armor, and power damage, and most players forget about its active ability, use it to give yourself a damage boost and surprise your enemies 
    When not to Buy: If you are facing primarily power damage, but you should still try to fit this in when you can.
    Amulet Of Isis (3) 
    When to Buy: Rarely, but if your lane is struggling and you need your skills to be ready as often as possible, then this is a fine pick.  Also if your team is having trouble positioning before/after teamfighting, this active can really help give you the advantage.  I usually buy this if my lane partner is not the best, because it lets me use my skills more often to cover their ass, as well as to keep the enemies in check.  Also get this if your team consists of multiple champions with low mobility.
    When not to Buy: If you aren't having any trouble in lane managing your will, or if your team is even a little bit mobile.
    [[Pandora's Box (4)]]
    When to buy: When the enemy has multiple stealth effects/they are rotating very well and your team has little vision.  This basically lets you scope out the closest enemy from REALLY far away, plus it can help you chase them down.  Either way, get this if their assassins are assassinating really well.  Also get if you have won your lane early, because stacking move speed on Wonder Woman is terrifying for your enemies when you can roam the map with ease.
    When not to buy: When you need to be more tanky, because this gives you squat in that department, if you are getting bursted get something with tank stats.
    Suit Of Sorrows (4) 
    When to Buy: When they have multiple auto-attacking champions, especially multiple squishy attack carries.  
    When not to Buy: When they have less than 3 full attack damage champions, then it's pointless.
    *NOTE: This is a great item against attack damage, but remember that you are still taking the damage, so without a large HP pool you won't be around long enough for this item to be worth buying.   build after you get some health.
    Atlantean Royal Seal (4)
    When to Buy: If you are tanky enough already, this gives you a great damage increase along with more health.
    When not to Buy: You are not dealing any damage already, this item won't do it on its own.  Also bear in mind you can't really utilize this passive to its full potential, because your only spells that proc it are your Q and R, which already have more CC than this will give you.
    [[Metallo's Heart (3)]]
    See Suit Of Sorrows (4) only more so when there are multiple auto attackers

    That's about it for now, I can follow up with more details on actual gameplay, but if nobody is going to read to this point then it seems pointless, I could be playing right now. Let me know anybody wants me to elaborate more on how to carry from support, with lane matchups, tips and tricks, situational strategy, and laning advice.  
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