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    Infinite Crisis builds for Atrocitus

    It's Always Sunny in Sector 666 - A GH Guide to Atrocitus

    An Atrocitus guide by Dr_Toboggan
    Last updated: Feb 22nd, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/its-always-sunny-in-sector-666-a-gh-guide-to-atrocitus
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    Stolen Powers
    Hey everybody, Dr_Toboggan here with my first guide on how to feast like a mantis with Atrocitus in Gotham Heights. 

    So let's talk about stolen powers, mods, and augments. For your stolen powers, you're gonna wanna go with DD's Invulnerability and AGL's Healing Wave in order to fully take advantage of your defensive capabilities. As far as mods go Empowered Mirror Master's Prism & Suit of Sorrows are a must have for their reflect, and the third slot can go to whatever item you prefer such as a Disintegration 2 Cosmic Staff or an Increased Lifesteal Eclipso's Diamond for example. I prefer to use augments that increase attack armor and power armor as well as health in order to, once again, further improve your defense. 

    The Mantis System
    The key to this build is to deal as much AoE damage as possible so you can plow away at your enemies. Here's how:

    You're primary source of damage is gonna come from an enraged Come At Me which rapid fires Red Lantern's Rage when taking damage so max those 2 skills first. The order of the remaining 2 skills doesn't really matter so just max whichever one you prefer first.

    When building artifacts start with Mirror Master's Prism and Suit of Sorrows, which one you max first is based on the enemy team comp. Now that you have some added bulk and some extra damage it's time to build either Cosmic Staff or Fragment of Mogo depending on which your team would benefit from most. If you could use more defense build Mogo, but if its offense that you need build Cosmic Staff first. Once you have all four maxed, it's time to start melting some faces.

    So now that you have your magnum condom and your wad of hundreds you're ready to plow, here's how. Engage team fights with your ult for the additional damage multiplier and DoT, target a squishy champ with Overwhelming Rage followed by Crimson Slash while you build rage. Now that you're in close to the enemy activate FoM's active for some additional AoE damage and by this time you should have enough rage to activate an enraged Come At Me dealing damage every half a second to the enemies around you. All of that combined with the DoT from Cosmic Staff's disintegrate make Atrocitus's ability to plow through enemy teams volcanic! Use this strategy in team fights or under ally turrets and you'll be feasting like a mantis in no time.

    The last 2 artifact slots can be used to build whatever items you prefer based on your play style and how the match is progressing. I personally like to go with Eclipso's Diamond for the extra damage and power lifesteal combined with Ras Al Ghul's Robes so I can plow harder and last longer.

    Alright, so that's all there is to it, let me know if you have any comments or complaints and thanks again for reading my first guide.

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