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    Infinite Crisis builds for Atrocitus

    Lantern guide - GH (atrocitus RAGE GUIDE!!!!)

    An Atrocitus guide by jacklantern
    Last updated: Aug 23rd, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/lantern-guide-gh-atrocitus-rage-guide
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    Welcome once again protectors it's me JACK LANTERN todays guide is for atrocitus
    the leader of the Red lantern corp. . i'm going to make a series of guide again and it's for the lantern if you didn't know i have a series of guide like the gaslight guide guides for Gasjoker Gascatwoman Gasbatman
    (i'm not saying that this guide will help you become OP or relentless like me i have troubles using atro) 

    It's very useful if your teamate is being chase if you want out in a teamfight use this and quickly get out SUPER RAGE (enrage) 
    it's very powerful if two enemy is retreating use this and i think your teamates will get the kill

    =36pxCOME AT ME:
    Want to tank a tower or a team fight I use this often even if i'm being chase SUPER RAGE (enrage) super tank start

    someone is escaping quickly use this if your in SUPER RAGE (enrage) then his in for a show

    =28pxPLASMA WAVE:
    =36pxsee a low health champ and the tanker is pushing you so you can't damage him use this (if you have the range) if you say "but it still need one more attack" well atro's plasma wave will burn him 

    (sorry if the super rage is not helping you i really don't see the enrage i just ignore it)

    GAMEPLAY: ATRO (atrocitus) is pretty easy to learn but every champ has a difficult and my difficulty with atro is he's too slow .
    atro does have the overwhelming Rage (E) but if that happen you can't even do much damage so i suggest to put attack if your lvl 19 because in LVL 19 your health is large but still keep health artifacts. but when my team needed a tank i switch my build. in early matches you captured top and bot try to farm as a tanker you need to be in a high lvl if your not that means your not powerful enough to protect your team 
    (if your enemys are all attack bye some attack armor depending on their build for example aqua is building attack and power damage but you think it's just the same check their amps dangerous amps  are two face coins a very poweful because their ability is more powerful it only works on power champs like joker sinestro etc.)
    thanks for cheaking this guide i hope it helps you alot and once again thanks"I am wrath! I am hate! I am righteous vengence!" 


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