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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Wonder Woman

    THIS...IS...AMAZONIA! (Gotham Heights Guide)

    A Wonder Woman guide by SithPL
    Last updated: Aug 9th, 2013
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/sithpls-wonder-woman-guide
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    Stolen Powers

    Wonder Woman is one of the two Enforcers available to play at the moment (the other being Gaslight Joker.)

    What is an Enforcer?

    As the title of the class suggests, an Enforcer dominates the battlefield, and makes enemies play by their rules. Enforcers are there to initiate fights, protect their allies by soaking damage, and to help kite enemy players so Assassins, Blasters, and Marksman can easily pick them off. Its also very important for Enforcers to also play nice with Bruisers, as they will be some of the first teammates and enemies to barge into a teamfight.

    Lack of proper communication as an Enforcer can result in one person throwing the entire match. It's an important role to assume, and requires dedication and effort to excell in.


    So Why Choose Wonder Woman?

    Wonder Woman is amazing at initiating teamfights, controlling the battlefield, protecting allies, and locking down enemies. She is also able to build Attack Damage later in the game, and becomes much more than a meat shield. As cliche as it sounds, she becomes about as dangerous as a rabid Spartan in the middle-to-late game.

    Skills & Breakdowns:

    Ability Leveling Order tab is a little strange, so just follow this instead.

    Child of Olympus (Passive)
    When Wonder Woman's Health drops below 25%, she will heal a percentage of maximum health over several seconds.

    Upon first reading this skill, I was immediately reminded of particularly awesome bear from another MOBA. This bear is also known for his tanking ability, and, if played correctly, is just about impossible to kill. The problem is that I dramatically overestimated how great this passive would be for Wonder Woman. At the moment, I consider leveling Child of Olympus as a third option. It seems no matter how much health she has, it just doesn't health quickly enough to really put those vauble points into. When you've got people everywhere hitting you during a teamfight, you'll realize what I mean.

    (Q) Lasso Grab
    Wonder Woman throws her lasso, stunning the first target it hits. Wonder Woman then blinks to the stunned foe and deals Attack Damage.

    This is a pretty fun skill to take, but I only invest one point into it. At the beginning of the match, put your first point into Lasso Grab, and ignore it from that point on. When you connect with Lasso Grab, it very briefly stuns the target. The issue is that leveling it doesn't increase the stun. It will increase the damage and lower the cooldown, but you'll be initiating with it, and you aren't a main source of damage. Leave the killing to those that do it best.

    (W) Protection
    Wonder Woman blinks to an ally and places a damage shield on both her and her target. If the shield is broken by damage, the cooldown of her skills currently recovering are reduced.

    In my opinion, this is the most important skill to level (other than Blocking Bracers.) As stated above, Protection puts a shield around yourself AND a teammate. This doesn't split the damage reduction or anything. It's a 100% shield for both players. Another fantastic thing about this ability is that when you use it, you'll flash to the teammate you used it on. It's amazing to have for teamfights as you'll be using it on some of the more vulnerable targets to make sure they aren't taking damage. I personally like to use it to harass enemies during the early laning stages, or to fake an initiation so the opposing team blows their most vauble cooldowns.

    (E) Amazonian Prowess
    When activated, Wonder Woman gains bonus Attack Damage and her Basic Attacks deal damage to targets in a circle around her.

    While leveling, I take this as my secondary choice (if I'm not able to level Protection.) It does help early in the game by allowing Wonder Woman to clear drones easier, but it's real use is later in the game. If the game drags out longer than anticipated, and you are able to build some Attack Damage, this will help lay waste to enemies during teamfights.

    "Oh cool, you want to all jump in on me? '/run Amazonian_Prowess.exe' WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY SUDDENLY?!"

    I'm serious, it's that good.

    (R) Blocking Bracers
    - Wonder Woman taunts all nearby enemies, pulling them close and forcing them to make basic attacks against her for a short time. During this period she is unable to attack or move, but deals constant Attack Damage to all adjacent enemies and her Attack and Power Armor are significantly increased.

    As with every character in the game, you want take their ultimate abilities as soon as they are available. There are two great ways to use Blocking Bracers:

    - You can Lasso Grab into the enemy team and immediately use Blocking Bracers so your Blasters, Marksman, and Bruisers get free damage.
    - Or you can hold onto Blocking Bracers until the enemy team gets a little too confident, and catch them off-guard so your team can make a valiant comeback.

    Either tactic has their use, but it mostly depends on the enemy team composition.

    Check out this video below to get a little more information about Wonder Woman and the ways her powers work!

    Or click here if the above video isn't loading: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgx6RCQKBHY


    Okay, So What Stolen Powers Should I Use?

    I have personally found a lot of success with using Super Speed and Wonder Woman's Super Strength, which is an enhanced version of Super Strength only available to Wonder Woman.

    I could see someone using Surveilance Camera or X-Ray Vision, but I didnt use either of them as much as I use Super Speed and Wonder Woman's Super Strength.

    I primarly use Super Speed to hurry myself to allies that need help, or to close the gap between myself and enemies while keeping Lasso Grab on cooldown in-case they try to run away. Wonder Woman's Super Strength is great to use for harassment, but can also be used as an initiation tool before using Lasso Grab to pull yourself into the enemy team. Hurt a couple of players before even starting a teamfight? Why not?

    Quick Reference for Stolen Powers:Super Speed
    Gain 20% Move Speed and move through enemies for the next 4 seconds.

    Wonder Woman's Super Strength
    Wonder Woman's Super Strength allows your Champion to pick up and throw Environmental Objects even farther.

    Pick up Large Object: Throws the object, dealing Attack Damage to enemies in an area equal to 20% of their Max Health. Range increased by 200.

    Pick up Small Object: Throws the object in a line, dealing 80 Attack Damage to the first enemy it hits, and knocking them up. Range increased by 200.

    Surveillance Camera
    Gain 3 charges that are spent to place Stealthed Surveillance Cameras that grant vision in an area around them and can see through Stealth (including enemy Surveillance Cameras) for 90 seconds. Up to 2 Surveillance Cameras may be on the battlefield at once. Charges are refilled automatically upon returning to base.

    Target an allied Turret, Drone, Surveillance Camera or Control Point with no contesting enemy Champions, and blinks to it after 4 seconds.


    Am I Building Health, Attack, or What?

    Always keep in mind that as an Enforcer, you have natually high health and defense. It never hurts to keep building health, but if you can't threaten the enemy team in another way, then they can just ignore you and pick off your teammates.

    Early Game:

    I'd recommend building a Nil Weapon (+150 Health, +15 Attack Damage, Attack Syphon: Autoattacks heal you for 5 health.) This gives you Health, Atttack Damage, and a way of keeping yourself sustained in a lane without a Support or constantly checking on Health Pick-Ups. I then build Olympus Gambit (1) (+100 Health). I use any remaning Credits left over between Health and Mana Regeneration items. That allows me to screw up a few times without having to teleport back to base in shame.

    Mid Game: 

    By now, I have done two things: fully upgraded Olympus Gambit (3) ( + 250 Health, + 15 Attack Armor, + 15 Power Armor, Olympus Aura: +15 Attack Armor, +15 Power Armor, and +10 Health Regen per 10s for all nearby allies), and atleast have Entropy Aegis (1) (+100 Will, +25 Power Armor.)

    From there, I usually pick up Lobo's Chain (1) (+10 Attack Damage.) When Lobo's Chain is fully upgrade to it's (4) stage, it becomes a huge help on the battlefield during fights (+ 40 Attack Damage, + 500 Health, Attack Harrier: Basic Attacks slow your target's Move Speed by 10% for 1.5 seconds (7% slow for Ranged Attacks). Max 3 stacks.) When using Amazonian Prowess, it will apply the debuff to all enemies around you.

    If you are extra fed, you might as well pick up an Amulet of Isis. You can also sell Nil Weapon at this point if you'd like.

    Late Game:

    Remember how I said earlier that Wonder Woman can be a threat? Well, now it's time to be one.

    Checklist for Awesomeness:
    Spear Of Destiny (+ 50 Power Armor, + 15% Critical Chance, Enforcement: Gain 2% of your Max Health as additional Attack Damage.)
    Entropy Aegis (+ 200 Will, + 70 Power Armor, + 300 Health, Skill Block: Grants a Skill Shield that prevents the damage and effects of the next enemy skill. This effect has a 30 second cooldown.)

    Go forth and wreck the enemy team. Just make sure to have your team behind you.


    Basic Initiation:

    Lasso Grab -> Amazoinan Prowess -> Protection (usually on someone who is being focused.)

    If (enemy team target = you);
    -> Then (use Blocking Bracers)

    This will allow your team to get some good damage off while keeping them safe. 

    It's pretty rare that I Lasso Grab in and immediately use Blocking Bracers. Your teammates need a chance to get in close for damage.

    <3 Lynda Carter

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