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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Shazam

    Strength of Hercules - A Coast City Shazam Guide

    A Shazam guide by Salaryman
    Last updated: Nov 25th, 2013
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/strength-of-hercules-a-coast-city-shazam-guide
    12,557 2


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Shazam is a power damage bruiser with a good kit and good utility. He excels at pinning down a target and dealing huge bursts of damage. Shazam's auto attacks are melee so a bit of tankyness is needed to keep him alive in fights, but because of his passive a percentage of your power damage gets added to your health. Shazam excels at poking opponents in lane and late game can kill any squishy in one combo. This guide is for a damage orientated build whilst laning.

    Shazam has received a massive buff in the November patch which made his ult (SHAZAM!) cost 0 energy instead of 50. It now means that Shazam can use his R,Q and W all in one combo.

    (Q) Speed of Mercury
    Shazam's Q (Speed of Mercury) is a medium ranged dash that damages and CC's a single target. The damage is pretty decent (currently scaling off of 70% of your power damage), but it's the fact that it closes the gap and CC's the enemy for a short time that makes this move so good. I'd generally max this second.

    (W) Mystic Power / Mystic Defense
    You'll want to max Shazam's W first (Mystic Power / Mystic Defense). This ability is a little odd but you'll quickly get used to it. Mystic Defense will grant Shazam a small shield for a few seconds which can save your life when you're trying to escape, but Mystic Power is where Shazam's damage really comes from. After activation your next auto attack will do extra damage and will produce a bolt of chain lightning that bounces to nearby enemies. This is by far Shazam's most damaging move which is why it should be maxed first. You'll want to always be going around in the Mystic Defense stance so that when the time comes to fight you can quickly activate Mystic Power.

    (E) Lightning Field
    Shazam's E (Lightning Field) is pretty bad. He's a very energy heavy champion and it can be difficult to use all of his abilities together so you'll need to pick which ones to use, and Lightning Field just doesn't cut it. Shazam gains an AOE field around him for 3 seconds which does a small amount of damage and slows enemies. It's only worth using this ability if you need a tiny bit of extra damage and all of your other abilities are still cooling down, or if your Q is still cooling down and you need to slow the enemy to keep up with them. I often don't take this ability until I need to, usually a minimum of level 8 when you've maxed his W, but often I won't take it until 11 when you've also maxed his Q. Max Lightning Field last.

    (R) Shazam!
    Shazam's aptly named ult (R) 'Shazam!' is a dash that can be done anywhere (doesn't need a target enemy), that does aoe damage where you land and slows anyone hit. The damage increases by the distance that Shazam dashes so you don't want to use it whilst you're already close to the enemy unless you really have to. This move is great and is Shazam's greatest asset. It's best to use either chasing down and enemy (Ult to them if they are out of your range then use Q to knock them down leaving you time to hit with a chain lightning from Mystic Power). This move is great in team fights too. If you're the tank then it's great for initiating, if you're building damage/bruiser then after the tank initiates use your ult to dash past the enemy team to the biggest threat, use your Q to CC them and then take them out with Mystic Power.
    The great thing about Shazam's ult is that because it doesn't need a target the move becomes very versatile. This means that on top of using it as a tool for damage or initiating, Shazam can also use it to dash away from enemies taking him out of harms way and allowing him to escape from an enemy ambush.

    (Passive) Power of Zeus
    This is Vladimir's passive from League of Legends. Shazam gains bonus power damage based on his bonus health and bonus health based on his bonus power damage (these don't stack). So basically, every time you build a bit of damage you get a bit tankyer and every time you build some health you get a bit more damage. This makes Shazam the perfect bruiser, no matter how much damage you build you'll always be a bit tanky. The passive is really powerful and I would suggest leveling it before Lightning Field.

    Shazam can benefit from a lot of different stolen powers whilst in lane, there are a few different viable options depending on how agrressive you think you your lane will be.

    Viable stolen powers on Shazam:

    Super Speed This Stolen Power is pretty good and is very versatile. It allows Shazam to chase, getting him close enough to land a Q, knocking down an opponent and going for the kill, and it also allows him to speed away from a close encounter that could have ended in certain death. Once Shazam is level 6 with this and all his skills off cooldown he can chase down or get away from pretty much anyone.

    Teleport is really good on any laner. The ability to go back when you're low, buy items and get back into lane within a matter of seconds can easily make the difference between losing a tower and keeping it. Even if you're not in a position where you may be about to lose the tower, it can still be worth using teleport just to get back into lane so that you're not missing out on XP and credits, this means against an opponent who doesn't have teleport you're able to out-level them even if you can't out-sustain them. Teleport can also be used offensively too. getting back into lane quickly can give you a chance to push an opposing tower, or you can use it to teleport in behind enemies in a team fight that's just starting and turn the fight around (you can also teleport to a friendly Surveillance Camera that someone may have hidden on a stealth pad.

    Invulnerability Can come in handy on Shazam as he's a melee champion, meaning if you want to do damage you're going to have to get in close to your opponent. This can change a close match into your favour, and even though Shazam is a bruiser you're probably not going to be building fully tanky, so the shield could quite easily save your life.

    Surveillance Camera Now that people are getting better at the game having Surveillance Camera's is becoming a necessity. The current meta for Coast City is double jungle and solo top right now, meaning that at any point you could be getting ganked by 2 junglers at once. It's really important to have as much vision of the map as possible so that you know what the enemy team is doing.

    X-Ray Vision Similar to Surveillance Camera, [[X-Ray Vision will grant you vision of things around you for a short period of time. You'll be able to see inside of stealth pads and stealthed enemies which can often save your life, or lead to a kill on a stealthed enemy. You are also able to see enemies Surveillance Camera's when using X-Ray Vision, you'll then be able to destroy their cameras and reduce the enemy teams vision.

    Shazam's optimal items have changed a little due to the new amplifiers system. I think that the best amplifier for Shazam when laning is Blaster: Early Burst. You get pretty good bonuses for Cosmic Staff (4) and [[Fatality's Energy Lance (4)]], these are both items that I previously didn't buy but have become worthwhile due to the bonuses they get from your amplifiers. 

    [[Two Face's Coin (2)]] and The Crime Bible (2) have both been nerfed quite hard and aren't really worth getting any more.

    Starting Items
    Nil Ring is probably the best starting item for Shazam, even though the will and will regen is wasted on him. It gives him enough health to take a few hits and gives him enough power damage to dish a bit of damage back too. Nil Ring will only cost 400 credits if you have the Blaster: Early Burst amplifier set, so you should have 100 credits left over.

    Your last 250 credits should be spent on 5 Health Pack's. Shazam is a melee champion and can be easily poked and harassed by a ranged opponent so the 5 Health Pack's are really essential to staying alive and getting as much farm as possible.

    First Back
    Cosmic Staff (4) is the first item you'll want to get as Shazam. Part 4 now costs 500 less making the whole item only cost 2000 credits. You get 70 power damage for 200 credits which is a decent amount considering it also gives you 15 power penetration. This item also has a second passive which says that whenever you hit an enemy with an ability they will gain a DOT which does 2% of their current health every second for 3 seconds. This is great for Shazam because it's so easy to poke with his W, meaning you will be able to force your opponent out of lane much easier.

    [[Hawkman's Harness (4)]] is a really great item because of the refundable ability that it has. It costs 1500 credits and can be sold for 1500 credits, meaning it's always worth buying. If you ever have 250 or more credits left over but don't have enough to buy a new item then buy as many pieces of this item as possible. When you max it feel free to sell it and buy the next tier of the item you're currently going for.

    Core Items
    After you have your early items built it's time to start building Shazam's core items. The order of these items can be changed but this is the order that I generally build them in.

    Atlantean Royal Seal (4) is perfect for Shazam. It has power damage and health on it, giving it the perfect balance of damage and tankyness that Shazam is looking for. This item will allow you to get in and do some damage without being killed too quickly. At max rank it will also give you a slow that is applied to enemies you hit with your abilities. The slow is needed for Shazam, as he has a pretty low movement speed and his only slow (Lightning Field) is too hard to use because of his energy problems.

    The Starheart (4) is a must for anyone building power damage. At max rank you will gain 135 power damage and then an additional 30% to your max power damage, making this by far the most power damage you can get in any single item. The earlier you max this the less benefit you'll find from the 30%, but after you've got a couple of finished items it should easily be worth it.

    Psi-Scimitar (3) is a really powerful item on most champions but works especially well for Shazam. It does give some attack damage which isn't necessarily needed on Shazam but you will be attacking people with melee attacks a lot so he does benefit from it a little. What makes this item so good though is it's passive at level 3. This passive does a ton of damage if you have decent power damage items but is especially good on Shazam because of his abilities having such low cooldowns.

    All of the items from now on are situational and you should pick whatever best fits what the team needs at this point.

    [[Fatality's Energy Lance (4)]] is an item that I never used to build on Shazam before the amplifier sets but it actually works pretty well on him. It gives power damage (18 more from the amplifier) and cooldown reduction but the reason it's so good is that it has an activated effect. The active is called energy blast and deals 15% of your targets current health as power damage and increases any damage you then deal to that enemy by 10% for 5 seconds. The reason this is so good is that unless you have your ult you will probably only be using 2 abilities on your enemies and then waiting until you can use your Q or W again. This sucks on Shazam because his auto attacks don't do much as he's a power damage champion. Having an activated effect works well on Shazam because it basically gives you a 3rd ability to use. 

    The Book Of Eternity (2) is a great item on Shazam because it has a huge amount of power damage and bypasses 30% of enemies power armor. Obviously if your opponents start to build power armor to counter you then this item is a must buy, but even if they don't the amount of power armor that champions naturally get makes this one of the most damaging items you can buy late game.

    [[Neron's Contract (4)]] gives you movement speed, power damage and attack armor. All of these stats are pretty good on Shazam, esepecially as he has low movement speed naturally. The thing that makes this item so good though is it's activated ability, stasis field, which makes you unable to move or attack but also makes you completely invulnerable for 2 seconds. This is great on any champion on the front lines because because you'll quite likely be getting targeted a lot in fights. It works so well on Shazam though because he deals massive burst damage with his combo of abilities but then does very little damage until they come off of cooldown. This will basically give you an extra 2 seconds of not taking damage whilst your abilities cool down.

    Blue Scarab (3) works well on Shazam and is the other item you'll want to get to bypass power armor. It doesn't work right away because you need to hit them 5 times with auto-attacks to steal all 25 power armor but you also gain 25 power armor from doing so, making Shazam that little bit tankyer. The 40% attack speed will help to do this. It also gives each auto-attack you use about 60-80 additional power damage (depending on what items you have), which is quite a lot when you have 40% bonus attack speed. Shazam also gainst a bit of energy each time he auto-attacks so this item can help to reduce Shazam's energy problems.

    Ruby Of Life (4) gives you a ton of health which is always useful (espeically considering Shazam's passive), the hp10 will also give you good sustain. You also probably won't have much resilience so this item is great against a team with a lot of CC.

    Entropy Aegis (4) can be useful on Shazam in certain situations. Shazam doesn't benefit from the will stat on this item but it has decent health and power armor, as well as a good passive which blocks an ability. So basically if they have a really fed power damage champion or multiple power damage champions then you should consider buying this.

    Suit Of Sorrows (4) is great against a heavy AD team, or against a team who has a really fed marksman. It has the highest amount of attack armor in the game and also reflects 30% of the damage you'd take from basic attacks, making this item an obvious choice in the right circumstances.

    Helm Of Fate (3), decent attack armor, great power damage and a useful useable ability that gives you 25% of your attack armor as power armor. This is great in addition to Suit Of Sorrows (4) against a really heavy AD team or as an alternative if you want to get even more power damage.

    Fragment Of Mogo (3) has been seeing a lot of play recently and is a pretty simple tank item with a decent activated ability. You'll gain health, attack armor and cooldown reduction which are all okay on Shazam but you'll also gain the burning core activated ability, which on use deals power damage to all surounding enemies for 15 seconds. It does take 15 seconds to get the full effect but over that time this item alone will deal about 550 power damage and as you're melee, in a team fight you'll probably be hitting multiple enemies with this.
    Latest comments
    Thx for putting this up,shazams my favorite character in the dc universe so i was excited they put him in the game,when i play i was average,but after going by what you said in this guide i average another 5-6 kills a game,thx again for the wonderful info
    1:32 pm, Jan 22nd, 2014
    Very outdated pls update soon sir.
    7:09 pm, Jan 17th, 2014