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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Blue Beetle

    VonDoom's Blue Beetle Solo Lane Snowball Fiesta

    A Blue Beetle guide by BartVonDoom
    Last updated: Mar 1st, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/tcHSCIt3
    6,152 2


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Greetings Protectors !                                      

    My name is Bart VonDoom, I have been playing Infinite Crisis since the first day of the closed beta, and I play both Gotham Divided and Coast City, but mostly GD. From his release date, Blue Beetle has become my favourite champion to play, as to my mind he's got it all, he's ranged and melee, has an awesome burst due abilities with high damage ratios and TRUE DAMAGES, combined with a decent attack speed and mobility, and he's definitely a very fun champion to play as you can often surprise your opponents. As mentioned, I mostly play on Gotham Divided, so this guide is focused on solo laning (generally mid, and also top when you have a jungler) and snowballing on other lanes after exterminating everything on yours, unleashing the power of the killing machine that is Blue Beetle . This is my first guide, and other will follow if you guys like what you read and rank it good, so green thumb if you enjoy that guide please.

    PS: Spoiler Alert ! French version of this guide soon to come.

    Play Style and Role

    This guide is how I personnally play the Blue Beetle  and may not be fit for every single game. If you are looking for a more generic how to build guide, then this guide may not be for you. That said, if you are looking for a fun way to obliterate your lane, earn credits rapidly and then snowball on the other lanes to help your teammates to get even more XP, and are not afraid of taking some risks, you will find what you need here ! The Blue Beetle works pretty well harrassing/poking from range to lower them under 40-30% HP, and then turning into melee to jump at their throat and finish them off. You can also return to ranged to finish off a fleeing foe, which really helps to get double or triple kills.  I play him as an assassin, would he be ranged or melee as in the end this is exactly what he is, a killer, an exterminator, an obliterator. But all the killing machine he can be, he also come with some issues, but this build is made to make the most of pros, and limit his cons.

    Pros and Cons

    Excellent burst damage at all time thanks to OP AD ratios
    TRUE DAMAGE thanks to his passive, won't be lowered by opponent's armor
    Good mobility and attack speed, can snowballs like no one else
    Can easily escape and/or secure kills with his ranged W
    Two champion's forms, two types of gameplay and all together 6 abilities
    Can surprise your opponents at all time

    Squishy, he's not a glass canon, but it's not far from one early game
    Somehow items reliant, and thus needs to farm well
    Difficult champion to play and master, if not the most difficult in the game to date
    You will often get focused in teamfight

    Augments and Mods

    Augments and Mods are somehow a personal choice that influence your gameplay, and this list is not an exception. I chose those Augments and Mods as they work well together and contribute to that build by helping to get items quickly and empowering Blue Beetle  where he needs it. 

    For Augments I use the following:
    Kord Industries SLASHER: 1.8 Attack Penetration, 2.01 Attack Damage
    Queen Industries HEX: 2.41 Attack Damage, 6.25% Critical Damage
    Queen Industries FALCON: 2.41 Attack Damage, 2.81 Attack Speed
    Queen Industries COLUMBUS: 0.3 Attack Damage/Level (max 5.7), 1.5 Attack Penetration

    This leaves us with 7,13 Flat attack damage at level 1 and 12, 53 at level 19 (to that you add the +10 attack damage of the Mega Rod, which makes you start with an extra 17,13 attack damage at level 1), 3.3 Flat attack penetration (which will add to the Deathstroke's Claymore attack penetration during the game), 2.81 attack speed (which will add to Huntress' Crossbow and Velocity 9 Implants attack speed during the game) and 6.25% Critical damage (which scales brilliantly with Joe Chill's Revolver and Velocity 9 Implants)

    The mods I am using are here to allow me to quickly get my first item (the Mega Rod) to max level, and then to enhance my damage and critics potential:
    Queen Industries Discounted Mega Rod:  200 credits off Tier 1 - This allows you to buy it a level one, with two Tektite Vials
    Queen Industries Empowered Deathstroke's Claymore: Terminate 2 - deal 10% of the target's maximum HP as attack damage and increase further damage you deal to the target by 5% for 5s - Active greatly enhance your damage and ensure more kills
    Queen Industries Empowered Joe Chill's Revolver: Deadly 3 - +75% Critical Damage (tier 3) - This simply means you will be able to one shot opponents when you'll do a critic (well, 75% of the time, and not the tanks)

    The first mod is just vital for me, as it allows you to buy the Mega Rod at level one, and that means extra 10 extra attack damage, 10 health regen per 10 second and the passive Shockwave 1 (Your Basic Attacks explode, dealing 15 Attack Damage (+ 2% Bonus Health) to other enemies nearby) that will allow you to be a farming machine and clear the lane like no one else FROM THE START OF THE GAME, simply play safe and stay out of range while you attack the drones at the first levels, and at level 3/4 your credits will be way higher than your opponent's. It also leaves you with enough credits for two Modular Tektite Vials for health and will sustain.  It will also ensure you can max up the Rod very quickly, and move on to your next item.

    The second mod simply ensure you kills as soon as you hit tier 3 with the Claymore, activate to do 10% maximum health of the target and do even more damages (5% increase damages) for 5 seconds. Add your AD ratio to this, you try doing the maths, too big numbers give me headaches

    The third mod's name says it all: DEADLY ! This is just making Blue Beetle insane when doing crits (+75% damages !!!), and will allow you to one shot opponents, thanks to your lovely AD ratios.

    Stolen Powers

    I don't use Blue Beetle's X-Ray Vision, and don't get me wrong that power is far from being bad, it is just a personal choice. I find the Blue Beetle more in need of Nightmare Batman's Consume for the extra health gain, to help with his squishyness early game and help with roaming around as you can consume environmental objects that can block your way. I also use Cyborg's teleport as it teleports you in 2,5 seconds instead of 4, to ensure map presence and surprise ganks, or simply to quickly assist teammates in need.

    I have experienced to use Atomic Joker's Detonate instead of Nightmare Batman's Consume as some of you adviced and I have to admit I am not a fan. Although the damage dealt buy Detonate is area damage and way higher than Consume, I really feel that Blue Beetle needs this health gain at low level, and a few times that it saved my life while ensuring me a kill, so I will stick to Consume, eventhough Detonate is a good viable option, and it also works on environmental objects, so good for roaming too.

    I have also tried Hawkgirl's Super Speed as a replacement for the Consume (you will need to be more comfortable with your health sustain to use it thoug) and I find it remarkably good as it can act as a chasing spell and also as an escape, so defo a good replacement for the Consume once you are more familiar with BB.

    Item Choices

    I start at level one with Mega Rod and 2 Tektite Vials. I generally wait until I get 1150 credits to back, as it allows to upgrade the Mega Rod  to level 2 and the vials to level 3. Upgrade the Mega Rod to level 3 as soon as you can, then go straight to Deathstroke's Claymore, and upgrade it to the max a quick as possible to enhance your damages and attack penetration.

    I generally follow with Velocity 9 Implants as it boost you in all the ways you need (move speed, attack speed, critic chances), then depending of the enemy team's composition, I either start Joe Chill's Revolver (to do massive crit damages, works well against squishy teams) or Huntress's Crossbow (to deal more damage to high health champions, works well against tanky team). Both the Revolver and the Crossbow are brilliant items for our bug suit.

    In between all this, I always take a defensive item, again depending on the enemy team composition. Ra's Al Ghul's Robe does wonder against balanced teams, while a Suit of sorrows will be my choice of predilection against a heavy attack damage team, Diana's bracers can also do miracles in good hands. Against heavy Power damage teams, Kryptonian War Armor is a must. Strangely enough, if you are super feed, Soultaker Katana can act as your defensive item (I am still experimenting this, and it is a very dodgy choice) .

    Sword of Beowulf and Claw of Horus are also very efficient if you are facing a team that is mainly Power Damage or Attack Damage (like 4 champions on 5 are PD or AD). The passive of Beowulf is also hwelping with BB squishyness, and the passive of the Claw is working as an extra Attack penetration item, also damn good on BB.

    If oyu want to go full offense, then take Atomic Axe as your last item, it does wonders ! 

    Abilities and combo strategies

    For full description of the abilities and combo strategies, I will direct you to tmak1313's guide as he fully describes those way better that I would ever do.


    I hope you enjoyed that guide and if so please give it a green thumb's up, and please feel free to comment and give constructive critics. I will continue to update it as far as the game evovles. If you feel like adding me to your in-game pals' list, my nick is bartvondoom on the EU server. See you on the streets of Gotham or Coast City.

    Update 20/02/2015: Modified to the new guide format.
    I have added sword of Beowulf and Claws of Horus as situationals as I find those items absolutely brilliant on BB if the enemy team has either an AD or PD dominance (like 4 champions are PD, take a Beowulf) 
     I have also added Hawkgirl's Super Speed as a potential swap for Consume when you are more experienced with playing BB.

    Latest comments
    Apparently it was a glitch, the guide just lost 8 points all the sudden, and it's not top rated anymore :( Dycer, I personally find Mega Rod very usefull on BB, for two reasons. 1) It helps you clear minion waves faster than your opponent, leaving you with more minions which truly help early game 2) The HP regen works on all champion, and BB being squishy, this grants him a bit of sustain, not to mention your farming is increase due to the Shockwave effect (if you master the art of last hitting with Shockwave) which often puts you in the lead in term of upgrading your build. Also, the move speed from lvl2 is highly beneficial to BB. Concerning the attack penetration, early game you don't really need it with BB due to his high burst damage, with this build you can get the Claymore lvl2 very quickly, which gives you some attack penetration. And ultimately, BB is not one of those champions who needs high attack penetration as he does TRUE DAMAGE, what I feel a lot of people forget. Love your guides Dycer, so thanks for commenting :) And keep on the good work, I think your GD guide is AWESOME !   
    11:22 am, Nov 20th, 2014
    I've never made a map guide for GD. If you are worried about health regen early, use Nil Weapon. And you still need attack penetration for all that time you are trading without your passive. It's great, but you don't have it every attack. A marksman or blaster would be able to trade you out of lane quickly if they were smart and were not scared off by the first time you procced it.
    4:37 pm, Nov 20th, 2014
    Sorry Dycer, I meant your Coast City guide. I've never been a fan of Nil weapon, but this is a personal choice, I know the item is a great starting one, but not my cup of tea. What i was trying to explain about the attack penetration, is that early thanks to the Rod, you generally clear the enemy minion wave way quicker than your opponent, which often lead you with a few minions on your side while your foe has none, and when you know how strong the minions are in this game, if you play your card well that is your early done, the time you're getting the claymore. I don't know if you play BB a lot (but according to the number of guide you wrote, I bet you spent your share of time on him too) but I would simply ask you to try my build for one game and play the champion the way i describe it, and give me your point of view. I'm pretty sure you'll get results.
    10:50 am, Nov 24th, 2014
    Hi, I tried that build and got good in game results. If you look at his augments, he starts the game with attack penetration, so he doesn't really need an attack penetration item early game, the claymore as a second item does the job, and I have to admit the Rod as a first item does great for your lain sustain and helps overcome minion waves easily. If you really feel you need extra attack penetration, you can still get yourself a lovely atomic axe as third item, it does miracles :)
    7:48 am, Dec 7th, 2014
    Top rated guide !!! Thank you all, chaps :)
    4:41 am, Nov 20th, 2014
    Despite what the populous apparently thinks, I still think this guide is sub-par for two main reasons. 1) You are using Mega Rod on a champ that really has no use for it. No bonus health means it is just a money sink. 2) No major penetration early. This is where you can make your mark with a marksman, and what I feel a lot of people forget.
    9:32 am, Nov 20th, 2014