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    Infinite Crisis builds for Joker

    Clown prince of crime - Gotham heights (Joker) Guide

    A Joker guide by jacklantern
    Last updated: Sep 26th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/the-killing-joke-guide-gotham-heights
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    Stolen Powers

    Hello my name is jack lantern welcome to my guide thank you for choosing it. and thank you maggotx9 (http://maggotx9.deviantart.com) for this awesome art. now let's talk about joker clown prince of crime.(i'm not saying that this guide will make you unstoppable like me i had trouble using joker and Yes my guide is like a hybrid)

    weakness: squishy,you need your target in one place, not very good at chasing 

    Mr. punchy: it can stun enemys it helps your teammates in targeting an enemy make sure you got the right aim 

    Suprise: if your on bot use this to scare your enemy and it can help your teammate if they are being chase just throw it  
    Vanish: If your being attack you can escape if you have a team mate vanish yourselfe to the back of your enemy it will make your enemy attack the punching bug for a bit then use your W- suprise and then q use your stolen power 

    Last laugh: it could make a teamfight in your hands. if your getting attack and you have no chance of survivng use you ult then W then Q and Invulnerability  you will have 80% of being alive 

    gameplay: It hard mastering joker you have to practice aiming using your W and vanishing at the right time. but it's fun call me crazy but it's fun using him i don't get annoyed just practice and don't chase don't make an enemy annoy you its the enemys trick to make you chase him and the most valuable tip is use you Q often 

    thank you for checking this guide add me in IC (jack_lantern_153) once more thank you 
    make your enemy laugh while kill them 
    "Joker: I just want a world that understands me"

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