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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Atrocitus

    VonDoom's 3 in 1 Supratrocitus guide

    An Atrocitus guide by BartVonDoom
    Last updated: Feb 23rd, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/vondooms-3-in-1-supratrocitus-guide-12484132
    3,864 5


    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
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    Stolen Powers
    Hi guys,

    Bart VonDoom, back again with another guide, this one a 3 in 1 guide for your favorite Red Lantern Corps Leader, the one and only Atrocitus. Now the add build feature doesn't seems to work the way it should yet (Dawnbase management, please make it happen quick) so it will have to be a 3 builds in 1 build guide but I 
    will explain, but for now, let me tell you the why for this guide.

    I have been playing Atrocitus from day one of his release and I have to admit I love his take the piss and take this gameplay, not to mention he might be the ultimate tank bruiser in the game, even if Gaslight Joker is a damn fair competitor. He's also a Rage based champion, meaning no Will management needed, but you 
    do need to understand how your rage works as it empowers your abilities big time. Simply read the character description on Dawnbase as the effect are stated in every ability's description.

    All those builds used the Stolen Powers at the top of the page (Cyborg's teleport and Atrocitus Meteor, but Zatana's psychic assault is a brilliant alternative to the meteor, and if you are jungling, I would dump the teleport for Atomic Joker's Detonate or Nightmare Batman's Consume).

    3 in 1 guide as the more I played him, the more I discovered you can play him differently, and 3 styles popped out:

    Atrobruticus (Core items set), basically your ultimate WWE wrestler, mix of Health, Power damage, Attack and Power armor and attack speed to maximise your melee damage. This will be with the main augments (Wayne's Wolf, Landslide and Castle, plus the Holt Earthquake), mods (Star labs Empowered Cosmic Staff, Enhanced Star Belt and Kord Altered Blue Scarab) and stolen powers (Cyborg's teleport and Atrocitus Meteor) that appears on the top of the page. This build is pretty straight forward, simply build the items the way you need them, but more in the description below.

    Tankocitus (Defensive items set), the ultimate tank really, full Health, Power and Attack armor and a bit of Power damage to unleash the beast a little bit. The items for this build are located in the defensive items section, the augments for this build are the S.T.A.R Labs Nova, Nebula and Blast as well as the Lex Corp Viper. All these augments bring you Power damage, power penetration, a bit of power lifesteal and CDR. The mods I use for this build are Wayne Enterprises Empowered Suit of Sorrow, Lex Corp Empowered Mirro Master's Prism and S.T.A.R Labs empowered Cosmic staff. 

    Atrollitus (Offensive items set), now I call it like this as this was meant to be a troll build, but it actually turned up to be efficient and is loads of fun, it is based on optimizing Power damage  with on hit effect, based on attack damage, so maximising attack speed and Power damage, with a surprise tankiness treat :P
    The Augments I use for this build are Wayne Enterprises Tsunami and Landslide, Lex Corp Viper and S.T.A.R Labs Blast, which bring you a mix of health, Power damage and penetration, as well as some move speed. The mods for this build are Kord Industries Altered Blue Scarab, S.T.A.R Labs Empowered Cosmic Staff and Lex Corp Empowered Ra's Al Ghul's Robe.

    Now, let's start with the Atrobruticus (main item set, with mods and augments), which is how I most often play Atrocitus. I generally start with the Cosmic Belt and Modular Health vials to have early game sustain. As soon as I have the coins for the Blue Scarab, I simply back to buy it and telelport back into action. If you have the cash for tier 2 Blue Scarab it is even better as that will mean punching tango piniata fiesta. Max your scarab 
    first, then complete your belt. When this is done, the choice is yours to either go for more damages and get the Cosmic Staff or to get a defensive item (aka Metallo's if you're facing more Attack damage or Mirror Master's Prism if your facing Power damage). Whatever you chose, the other alternative will be next anyway (meaning if you pick up the staff, your next item will be a defensive one and vice & versa). In between all this, start to build you Ruby of life when you have the extra cash for it as the first two tiers are cheap, but this will make you nearly unkillable late game as your health sustain will be uncanny. If the enemy team doesn't have a lot of attack damage champions, you can swap Metallo's for Eclipso's Diamond, or if you are 20/0 and you don't feel the need for Ruby, go for Eclipso's instead as it will max up your Power Damage and help your  health sustain. Finish to max up your items and you will simply be roaming around distributing pain to whoever is crazy enough to stick your way !

    Second build would be Tankocitus (defensive item set): well, this one is mainly if you are the only tanky character on your team, then you will want to suck up as much damage as possible without even getting a scratch while your team sadistically slaughter the enemy one with you laughing in content ! Look no further then, this build is for you :P Start with Suit of Sorrow and Modular Health Vials. I generally max up the Suit of Sorrows as the mods gives you 25% attack reflect, but if you need early Power armor, then you can start build the Prism when you are at Suit of Sorrow tier 3 or maybe earlier if emergency. Max up the Prism second so you get the 40% power reflect and then build the Cosmic staff. With a tier 2 Staff, you will start to be like a 
    Honey Badger to any of you foes (if you don't understand the metaphore, look up honey badger doesn't give a crap on youtube)
    Then, build up Atlantean Seal if you feel like dealing more damage or Ruby of life to increase your tankiness. I generally do Fragment of Mogo last as I only really use it for the active, and otherwise Metallo's heart is also a good alternative.

    Last but not least, here comes the Atrollitus !!!! (offensive item set, and yes, there is a cheetah's claw in it). Augments for this build are Wayne Tsunami and Landslide, Lex Corp Viper and S.T.A.R Blast, which gives you a mix of Power damage, Power penetration, Health and Move speed. The mods for this build are Kord altered Blue Scarab, S.T.A.R Empowered cosmic staff and Lex Corp Empowered Ra's Al Ghul's Robe.
    Now this build is all about having fun with Atrocitus, but it does bring some results too (sometimes, and you generally surprise your opponents as they are not anticipating this). I start with the Blue Scarab and nothing else (you troll hard or you stay home they say), but as soon as you are low health, you back and get 3 health vials and the cosmic belt if you can afford it. Max up the Scarab first, then move on to the Cosmic Staff and max it second. Time now to go for a Starheart and max it up. When this is done, buy yourself the Cheetah's claw and max it to have the active: this will give you 50% more attack speed for 4 seconds, meaning each of your basic attack will do your attack damage + 15 + 15% Power damage for 4 seconds and you should be able to do at least 2 attacks a second... Now you do the maths :P It simply makes you a tower killer, or a champions killer, or maybe both, who knows...? Max the Cosmic belt to get the Power penetration and then get yourself a Ra's Al Ghul's Robe, which will make you super duper hard as a boner to kill, and your trolling is complete ! But your KDA will be too !

    The situational items are items I found to be good on Atrocitus depending on who I was facing, but hey are not essential, so I thought I list them anyway as they can be awesome on circumstances.

    Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed that guide, and if you have any question feel free to comment, and as usual if youlike this guide and think it's worth it, please rate it up, the green thumb would be super appreciated !!!

    Hope to face you soon on the street of Gotham Divided or Coast City !

    Latest comments
    Strange mods , why you don't pick PD and AD reflect mods?  
    6:23 am, Feb 16th, 2015
    Heya, I find Health and Move speed more usefull to AD and PD armor on Atrocitus as he really needs some extra movement, and HP augments help your early game. If you play him tanky, you will by definition build AD and PD armor, so I use my augments for something else than that.
    3:33 am, Feb 27th, 2015
    I only comment on things that are blatantly bad, or those which are most of the way there, but need some help. You should be able to tell tones from the way I write, and if you can't I am sorry because I try to leave little to be guessed on (like I am doing now). Just remember, I gave you the info you needed to get this guide posted properly even though you acted like a kid when things didn't go your way. Heck, in both your guides there is that one mod that takes what would be a wonderful guide, and makes into something I don't want to see someone use because they lose a lot by not having another mod/item in that spot.
    6:39 pm, Dec 30th, 2014
    I wouldn't take BB'S, it's gonna change next update and it won't be viable for any enforcer then.. Everything else seems pretty fine  (I like your signature =^-^= )
    3:55 pm, Dec 30th, 2014
    Thanks Mr Lucho, I will wait for the next patch, I have added Eclipso's Diamond as it would seems to be a good alternative at the moment, but more to come after the game update :)
    4:53 am, Dec 31st, 2014
    Besides the fact you are advocating the use of low stat augments, there are a few things that just really stand out in a bad way. Modding blue scarab and building it requires at least 200pd to be viable. You have 140 in the main build. Start anything on a tank that does not have health sustain on it is just bad. Atro's effectiveness on GD comes from how long he can stay in lane and active and the only gate to that is solid health regen. If you do not like what Nil Cloak gives you, start Ruby. And finally, if you don't mod SoS it is not really worth building. You'll get more out of the CDR, higher health scaling and passives of the other two big attack armor items. 
    4:23 pm, Dec 29th, 2014
    Sometimes I wonder if you actually read the guides before commenting... Or if you simply just look at the cute little images ? First, the augments are actually the highest flat health ones, so if you want more health scaling ones, feel free to swap for those, after all, augments are a personal choice more than anything. Then your health comments: Start anything on a tank that does not have health sustain on it is just bad... Well, the main build I actually start with Cosmic belt (75 Health, 5 Power damage Tier 1), the Tanky build I start with Suit of Sorrows (50 health, 10 attack armor Tier 1) and the troll build, well it's a troll build. So, no idea where you saw I wasn't starting with Health. I agree strong health is the key, this is why you have 4 Health based items out of 6 on the main build, and 5 out of 6 on the tanky one. I would like you to develop on the fact moding Blue Scarab is not viable under 200 PD please. I use it more for the attack speed boost, and the charge armor ability, but the extra boost on PD and the added PD on basic attack works fine.  
    7:00 am, Dec 30th, 2014
    Well put guide Bart. I like the builds, troll one looks promising ;)
    12:40 pm, Dec 30th, 2014
    Thanks Dehydracator, I appreciate ;)
    4:05 pm, Dec 30th, 2014
    Health sustain is health regen. Enforcers recently had their base regens nerfed hard recently. Just building flat health does not help you stay in lane longer. Also, you are playing a tank. You want max health and armor for mid to late game. After 10 minutes, non-scaling augments get out classed. And Blue Scarab needs 200pd because you need to deal at least 30 damage after armor for it to be viable. Why 30? That's minimum amount of reduction missed by not building another item with armor on it in most cases. And at 200, it deals 45 damage before reductions, and most cases you you will see at least 1/3 reduction (even with your pen) leaving you with 30PD on the basic attack. Not to mention even with the increased attack speed from the item, enforcer BAs are slow (which is why you need the higher PD on this champ).
    6:01 pm, Dec 30th, 2014
    Great guide, and very good builds ! Keep up the good work, dude :)
    1:13 pm, Dec 29th, 2014
    Thank you, I appreciate :)
    7:00 am, Dec 30th, 2014