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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Shazam

    Vossler's Supah Dupah Tank Monsta SHAZAM!

    A Shazam guide by Vossler
    Last updated: Aug 17th, 2013
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/vosslers-supah-dupah-tank-monsta-shazam
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    Stolen Powers
    Hello there fellow IC peeps, I'm here to show you how I play the supah dupah tanky beast of a Shazam and give you the process of my building and ideas on how to play well in playing a true tank in supporting the carry in getting the kills needed.

    Early Game: Crime Bible(lv1)+5 health potions (Or you can get Hawkman's HarnessLv2 your choice) 

    Reason why I start off with Crime bible is for its cheap and really great passive that you can get for easily 500 credits when upgrading it to lvl2 to give you stacking hp passive 0/450 HP+ per several mins or assists in kills. Which is really great in my opinion or if you feel uncomfortable and want the extra +100 hp then you can get Hawkman's harness to feel more safe with 5 pots. 

    Early Game Combo: Q(Speed of Mercury) + W(Mystic Power)

    This a key bread-n-butter combo that is easily to get and do good amounts of damage to your enemies which leads to kills for your carry or you(Give to carry if possible). As you go back and forth while you wait for that opening of a enemy getting a bit out of position and you can proceed to lead with Q(Speed of Mercury) into Mystic Power(W) switching quickly after you hit the opponent OR you can turn it on right before u land that Q. This will lead into doing a bouncing bolt from Mystic power which does quite a bit of a damage even more when you quickly max out W. Aswelll you can use Mystic Power bolt on the drones to bounce onto the enemies regardless doing good poke damage without getting hurt so much. 

    Mid Game Items: Crime Bible(lv2) > Ruby of Life(Lv2) > Hawkman's Harness(Lv4) > Phantom's Stranger Necklace(lv2) > THEN Ruby of Life(4)

    Why? I would tend to leave RoL at level 2 as you already get the stacking passive from it and easily can just get tons ot health as you already do with crime bible's passive. You then can get Hawkman's harness for that extra 400+HP which is always great to have since HP is so OP. Anyways why I would like to quickly rush Phantom's stranger necklace level 2 as its pretty much the source of being the tank you need to be not already with the huge health you should be having fo sho. You could easily get 60+ Power/Attack armor which is a big deal then you could finish off the RoL Level 4 getting that extra beefy-ness. :D

    Mid Game mindset

    You should be leading the team into some fights and scramble the team with your crazy ultimate SKILLZ and just proceed to shut down the carries with your Q and E also with W mystic power. You need to be the intiator for your team and this is rather important when relays/team/Doomsday device fights happen which is IMPORTANT KEEP THAT IN MIND. Relays are a must-have in a match as you can proceed to produce super drones for top lane if you can take both relays in the map. 

    Late Game Items: (Really depends on the situation) Suit of Sorrows(Lv4)/Kryptonian War Armor(Lv4) > Fragment of Mogo(Lv3) > Atlantean Royal Seal(Lv4)

    At this point you should be getting that super tankyness with power/attack armor which Suit of Sorrows or Kryptonian War Armor can do but honestly depends on who is their carry and you need to be ready for that but regardless you should be having both items before you get Fragment of Mogo and Atlantean Royal Seal(Pretty much for some more hp and get some damage for peeling late game). Get rid of Hawkman's Harness to get Atlantean Royal Seal. 

    Welp at this point if the game proceeds to go that long well this could all help you to be the scary big monsta with SHAZAM! flashyness coming in with a CC ulti and CC lighting field(E) 

    For Stolen Powers

    Depends on the situation and how your team gets.

    Solo: Catwoman's MindLink + Gaslight Batman's Cameras OR Poison Ivy's Healing wave

    I hope you guys enjoy this build and please give feedback on some issues if you think u find and tweaks that could make this build more awesome. :D I'm no pro or anything just a fellow IC member helping out fellow IC buddies. Well this Vossler signing out. PEACE!
    Latest comments
    Helped me a lot bro!  You should maybe work a bit on the layout of your guide but I love the item build :D
    3:42 pm, Apr 3rd, 2014